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Self-Closing Safety Gates

Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates

Kee Gate is a solid, industrial safety gate built to comply with OSHA requirements. The self-closing, spring-loaded mechanism creates a safe working environment by automatically closing behind the person who moves through the gate.

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Industrial Safety Gate

Universal Size

The Kee Gate's universal size allows you to easily retrofit the gate to any existing structure and elminates the need to get precise measurements before purchasing.

Self-Closing Safety Gate

Cut on Site

With a few simple tools, the Kee Gate can be cut on site to fit any size opening.

Self-Closing Safety Gate

Human Proof

A spring hinge causes the gate to close automatically. Industrial safety gates are typically used to protect areas such as ladder access points and roof hatches.

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The Double Gate

The double gate is designed for an opening of more than 3 feet. The unique positive stopping mechanism ensures that the gate only swings in one direction. This helps ensure that the gate securely closes after the user has walked through, eliminating any potential fall hazards.

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Self-Closing Safety Gate
Osha Compliant Industrial Safety Gate

Compliant, Solid Construction

Kee Gate is constructed from solid, corrosion resistant materials. A gate that doesn't last, isn't going to protect anyone. Kee Gate has been constructed and tested to comply with OSHA guardrail standards.

Universal Attachment

The universal connection point is designed to easily attach to most rounded or rectangular uprights. These industrial safety gates are also designed to work with KeeGuard roof top railing and KeeHatch roof hatch railing.

Self-Closing Safety Gate

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Close Up on Industrial Safety Gates

It's called an industrial safety gate because it's built to hold up under severe industrial conditions.

  • Safety Gate Attachment Bracket

    The attachment bracket is made to work universally on most pipe and angle iron.

  • Safety Gate Rubberized Stopper

    Gate stopper is fully rubberized to prevent damage to the contact point.

  • Spring Loaded Hinge

    The gate spring is protected in a galvanized cylinder and has adjustable tension.

  • Easy to Adjust Industrial Safety Gate

    Installation requires only a few simple tools. No cutting or welding are required.

Technical Drawing of Industrial Safety Gate

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Click on the link below to download a technical drawing of a standard sized industrial safety gate.

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How To Install an Industrial Safety Gate

Downloadable Instructions for KeeGate Industrial Safety Gate

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Click on the link below to download a full set of instructions for the Kee Gate industrial safety gate.

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Designed to Work with KeeGuard and KeeHatch

Safety Gate designed to work with KeeGuard

KeeGuard is a non-penetrating rooftop railing system that provides roof edge fall protection.

Safety Gate designed to work with KeeHatch

KeeHatch is a easy-to-install railing system that provides vital fall protection around roof hatches.

Need a Mezzanine Safety Gate?

Mezzanine Safety Gate

Access goods on your mezzanine safely and easily with a mezzanine safefty gate. Customized to fit your opening, this mezzanine gate provides total protection to people managing goods on and off the mezzanine.

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