Advantages and Innovations in the Vest-Tech Tool Vest

Have you ever met someone on the jobsite that just loves to wear their tool belt? I didn't think so. The traditional tool belt is cumbersome and a terror on your lower back. With over twenty years of experience on the jobsite, the founders of Vest-Tech, Inc. have designed the perfect solution to the traditional tool belt. Introducing the Vest-Tech Tool Vest. This original tool management system has so many unique innovations it has been catching the attention of many professionals.

The vest is built from durable 1680D polyester that can stand up in the harshest work environments so you won't need to worry about it falling apart on you just after you get it. The vest comes in a hi-vis orange with reflector or the more stylish black and silver color for whatever job you might be working on.

Several original innovations help the Vest-Tech Tool Vest stand above the competition. First, the tools are evenly placed in convenient to reach locations around the vest to help redistribute the weight and save your lower back. The main sleeves are placed at a 45 degree angle to make it easy to get to your tools and to keep them from falling out. Each tool has its own sleeve so they are held securely. This helps keep the tools from falling out or rubbing up against walls, causing damage to the jobsite.

Second, the vest comes with a built-in hydration pack. Not only will this help you keep hydrated on the job, but it will also help you keep cool on those scorchers in August. Just freeze the hydration reservoir the night before and then carry it in the vest the next day. You will be surprised at how cool this will keep you.

Third, we have a patented, free-floating back support belt incorporated into the vest. Wear the belt when you are lifting heavy equipment or materials. When youre finished, simply snap it back in place. It is easy, comfortable, and helps to prevent back injuries.

Fourth, the vest has a strong handle on the back for carrying and storing the vest. At the end of the day, you don't need to unload the vest of all the tools that you use. Simply hang the vest up on a door handle, a clothes hook, or in the shop somewhere and it will keep all your tools in order until you need it again.

Fifth, for those of us that find that you put a couple pounds in the winter and thin up a bit in the summer, the vest has three different locations that provide adjustment so the vest can fit nearly anyone, anytime of the year.

Sixth, the vest has an access hole in the back where you can feed a D-ring from a fall support harness through. This helps save time and money. Now you can wear your fall support harness and comfortably carry your tools too.

You know how much safety can help save your employees from injuries and save your company money. Now here is yet another option to move into the twenty-first century of jobsite safety. This is the product that will help your crew work more safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Check out what the twenty-first century has in store for tool management!

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