Announcing the new Safety Professionals Network


Happy New Year, today we introduce our brand new Safety Professionals Network.  If you are a safety professional, please take a minute to read this an learn about our new network.  If you are a company in need of a safety professionals services, we invite you to start searching for a safety professional in your area.

What is the Safety Professionals Network?

For Safety Consultants, Installers, Inspectors and Trainers:

For people looking for Safety Professionals:

  • The network is place for you to locate the appropriate professionals in different regions of the United States and Canada.  Begin your Search.

Features of the Network

Free and Unaffiliated

Creating a listing in the directory is free of charge.  In the future we may offer enhanced listing for a small cost, but for now the cost is free.  Regardless of future changes in the directory, there will always be a free listing.  No affiliations or endorsements are required to be listed in the directory.  By unaffiliated we mean that we do not require professionals to be a part of any organization, simply list your credentials and experience as a part of the listing.   Enter information about your business through the sign up process and your listing will appear in our directory. 

Search An Area for a Professional

Our search is based upon regions, results appear on in a list on the side of a map, allowing you to locate a professional near by quickly and easily.


Filter Your Results

By default all of our professionals appear, but you can filter your results by selecting the check boxes that appear underneath the search box.


Full Detailed Listings

Each listing is filled with useful information about the professional.  It includes basic contact information, a list of services they provide, an overview of the area that they service and a full summary of the company (along with a company logo).


Discuss and Get Answers In Our Forums

Our on staff professionals as well as a community of safety pros is on hand to answer safety regulation and product related questions.  Check out our forums and add your thoughts to the discussion.


Join our Growing Network of Safety Professionals

If what youve read so far sounds good, then click here to get started with your listing.  If youre still looking for more information about the professionals network then please check out this link or contact us directly with your questions.  We plan on adding more features as the network grows, so get on board and help connect the safety professionals community.

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