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New and Improved Skylight Screen Information

Skylight screens are a form of fall protection that prevents workers on the roof top from falling into skylights. We have updated the skylight screens section of our web site. We invite you to see the update pictures, features and technical information that is available about our skylight screens.

What Does OSHA Say about Skylight Protection

You must cover a skylight with a screen or surround it with a railing. 1910.23(a)(4)

Protecting the skylight must not cause the skylight to break. 1910.23(e)(8). This means that "burglar" screens underneath the skylight are not an acceptable solution. OSHA is concerned about the people who may be under the skylight when the worker falls through (reference).

Cal-OSHA requires a stricter 400 lb. loading requirment. Read more about Cal-OSHA requirements.

Should Your Protect Your Skylights?

Skylight Accidents are Deadly

'MythBusters' regular Erik Gates dead - falls through skylight

OSHA fines are expensive

Santa Rosa roofing company fined $248,000 in case where employee backed into unguarded skylight and died.

More Information on Skylight Screens

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