OSHA Cracking Down on Fraudulent Trainers

I know you mother probably taught you not to lie, but I guess some people just can resist it in order to make a buck. 

How do you know your OSHA trainer is qualified to teach the 10-hour OHSA course?

Thats the question that OSHA wants you to start asking.  Not only will they want you to ask it, but they are increasing the number of monitoring visits to training courses to ensure the the people who are teaching the course are properly certified.  OSHA announced this new measure in a May 20th news release.

Its in your best interest to be sure that your trainer is qualified.  So before you agree to have someone teach a course, ask a few questions:

  • Where did they take their OSHA train the trainer course?
  • How long ago did they take the course?

If you get an answers that dont sound right, ask for clarification or pass on and move to the next trainer.  It is critical that the people doing the training are properly qualified and have the right information to properly instruction people about safety measures. 

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