Protecting Rooftops with Varying Surfaces and Heights [Case Study]

Buildings are not always constructed at the same time out of the same materials. Businesses expand and grow, causing the need for building additions. The question here is: how do you protect employees who are working on a roof that has multiple heights and surfaces? The answer can bee seen below.

KeeGuard Top Fix

KeeGuard Rooftop Railing allows you to construct a railing that will span multiple heights and multiple roof surfaces. In the case of the building pictured, the railing spans from a flat roof to a corrugated metal roof. The flat roof uses standard KeeGuard, while the corrugated metal roof uses a solution called KeeGuard Top Fix for standing seam and corrugated metal roofs.

KeeGuard Top Fix

When installing railing on the roof of a building, it is difficult to beat the versatility and durability to the KeeGuard railing system. Rooftop obstacles are not an issue for the modular system which can be easily configured to navigate disjointed paths (see below).

KeeGuard Top Fix

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