Railing Needed for Rooftop OSHA Violation [Before & After]

OSHA Railing for Rooftop - Spot Protection

It happens to the best of us! Your inspecting the work site and you discover an issue of non-compliance. This is what happened to a recent customer. They had four spots on their roof that were clear OSHA violations. OSHA requires that workers exposed to a fall hazard MUST have fall protection. Industry standard says that protection must be in place for anyone working within 15 feet of the roof edge. The best solution, and the simplest, is to install free standing roof edge protection around the trouble spots to eliminate the fall hazard completely.

OSHA Railing for Rooftop - Spot Protection

A member of our staff flew to site and met with the customer to consult about the rooftop railing arrangement. We helped identify the areas of the roof that absolutely required fall protection railing. For budgetary purposes, they could only apply protection where it was absolutely necessary. Our sale engineer identified four key areas that are pictured in this blog post. Each section shows a before and after of the section that was being protected with KeeGuard safety railing.

OSHA Railing for Rooftop - Spot Protection

The customer was very pleased with the speed of delivery and the service that was provided. They were able to assemble the railing on site very quickly and advert a problem with OSHA. Here's what he had to say about our service:

We had an OSHA issue that needed a fast response. Dan helped guide me along the way - even flying 1/2 way across the country to first-hand review the project. Once on-site, it only took 20 minutes for myself and an operator to clearly understand the assembly of the system. We proceeded to install 4 sections of railing totaling 168 feet with 4 men in 2 days.

OSHA Railing for Rooftop - Spot Protection

What's the moral of this cautionary tale? Don't wait till OSHA shows up at your doorstep to ensure that the proper fall protection measures are in place. Our customer was interested in protecting their workers and took proactive steps to keep people safe! (Way to go Bob!)

We recognize that surprises do happen, so the secondary lesson is this: if you get a surprise from OSHA, Simplified Safety has your back. Call our sales engineers and we will work closely with your team to provide the best fall protection solution that fits your budget and satisfies the fall protection criteria.

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