Safety Culture Excellence: 2010 Personal Safety Focus

Shawn Galloway and the guys at Safety Culture Excellence have been publishing some excellent content on workplace safety.  Recently they started sharing video content to compliment their blog and podcast.

Here is their kick off video for 2010

Here is what Shawn has to say about the video:

I would like to encourage you to consider watching what you are standing on, climbing on and walking on this year. In many countries the number one cause of accidental death in the homes, are slips, trips and falls. There are two life precautions that can help prevent this from occurring to you: Eyes on path/work and Footing. Below are some examples.

  1. Eyes on path/work (keep eyes in direction of travel and task)
    1. When walking keep eyes on path of travel. (i.e. looking behind while backing up)
    2. When operating mobile equipment always scan ahead for pedestrians & obstructions.
    3. Maintain focus on surroundings, body position, and equipment when performing a task
  2. Footing (stay on designated walkways/3-point contact on stairs)
    1. When walking up/down stairs use handrails and take one step at a time.
    2. When climbing up/down ladders use 3-point contact and keep body facing toward ladder
    3. Maintain 3-point contact when (getting on/off a equipment)
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