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Heat related illness occurs when the body is unable to keep itself cool by sweating and when the body is dehydrated. OSHA, therefore, recommends that workers exposed to high temperatures take the necessary steps to stay cool and stay hydrated. According to OSHA, the standard worker should drink one cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes. To comply with this recommendation, Guardian has designed our Premium Edge Series Harnesses with a sturdy pocket meant to house the Hydrapak Drink System. This pocket incorporates Velcro for easy opening and closing, and features a small hole at the bottom to for the Hydrapak straw. Hydrapak drink systems are a huge improvement over ordinary screw-top systems. The roll-top closure is fast, easy to use, and water-tight, the hook-and-loop closure locks the roll in place, and the seal is designed to get stronger under pressure to eliminate any risk of leakage.



  • Holds 50oz.
  • Turn your reservoir inside-out to clean & dry
  • Bacteria doesn't have a chance to grow
  • Velcro roll top for easy access and a secure seal
  • Included insulated drinking tube

Additional Information

SKU G10833
Weight N/A
Manufacturer Guardian Fall Protection
Brand N/A
Dimensions (in.) N/A
Compliance N/A
Material Polyurethane
Color N/A
Length N/A
Length N/A
Width N/A
Size N/A
Material Height N/A
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