Podojil & Associates Inc

Podojil & Assciates Inc is a full service Safety, Health and Environmental Consulting company. Podojil & Associates team of experts have a knowledge base of well over 400 years of combined experience. All of our professionals teach for the leading OSHA Training Institutes. On-Site Loss Control Consulting Services As an employer, you are concerned about maintaining productivity, efficiency, and employee morale. Companies that institute a comprehensive safety and health program are amazed at the positive effects on the company's business and employee morale! Our trained professionals can come to your site, evaluate the safety and health hazards, and recommend proactive preventive measures. Safety Training Services The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and similar state-plan OSH laws, require employers provide a safe and healthful working environment. To achieve this, the employer must train employees and supervisors on literally dozens of safety and health related topics. Developing the programs and training capability internally is an incredibly complicated and expensive process. Podojil & Associates, Inc. specializes in the following training courses: Construction Safety & Health OSHA Training -- all subjects to include OSHa 10 & 30 hour courses and CAL-OSHA courses Machine guarding Ergonomics General safety Accident Investigation & Prevention OSHA electrical safety ( lock-out, tag-out & try-out) Subpart S General Industry safety Material handling ( cranes & forklifts) Fall protection and prevention Emergency response Safety and Health Program Development Services Podojil & Associates, Inc. can also provide services to ensure that your OSHA 300 recordkeeping, employee skill training records, industrial hygiene exposure monitoring paperwork, is prepared according to the government regulations. Even if everything else on site is perfect, you can be cited and held accountable if your written programs aren't in compliance with the specific regulations .

Podojil & Associates Inc
Phone: 612-801-0132
Contact: John Podojil
42562 West Hall Drive
Maricopa, AZ 85138
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Global, United States, Canada, Middle East, Asia
Podojil & Assciates Inc is a full service Safety, Health and Environmental Consulting company.
Updated: Nov 21, 2010

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