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What is the Simplified Safety Network?


There are many different professional safety organizations out there who assemble lists of their participants. What makes the Simplified Safety Network different? We're trying to compile a comprehensive list of safety professionals (consultants, installers, trainers, auditors and more..). Our hope it to become the "go to" location when anyone has a need for a safety professional. Our listings are easily searched by both location and professional type. This allows people to find professionals in their area quickly and easily. It also provides an opportunity to safety professionals to advertise their services network with other professionals in and out of their area.

Do you need to find a safety professional?

Visit our search page to begin looking for safety professionals in your area. You can find information on each professional, such as the services they offer, the region they operate in, and a summary of the company. Our aim is to make your search for a professional quicker and easier.

Are you a safety professional?

If you are a safety professional we invite you to be a part of our network. There are no fees or requirements. Simply sign-up and get started promoting your listing in the directory.

Is this really free?

Yes, while we may offer enhanced listings for a fee in the future, a basic listing with the network will be completely free. All we ask is that you keep your listing up to date and that you receive our updates regarding the maintenance of our listing.

Do you sell information?

No, we do not sell the information that is a part of our directory. We want you to feel secure sharing your information, so rest assured that we will not be selling the list of professionals to the highest bidder.

Is being a part of the network an endorsement of your company?

No, we do not expect the professionals to endorse us simply because they are a part of the professional network. We recognize the need for separation between the distributors of safety goods and the people who consult a company about their safety needs. We do want you to be informed about the products that we offer, so that you can better serve the people you work for. In turn, we do not necessarily endorse any of the safety professional in our directory. As a customer it is still your responsibility to ensure that the person has the right credentials. We hope to make that easer for you, but we don't guarantee the accuracy of a community listing.

More Questions?

We invite your questions, comments and inquiries. Please use the contact form in the main navigation and select "Safety Network" from the contact list.