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Simplified Safety Network Terms and Conditions


In the hopes of keeping things simple, here are a few basic conditions for using and being a part of the Simplified Safety Network.

Don't be Malicious?

Simple right! Do not do anything on this web site that might be hurtful to our members, to us, or even to yourself. For example, don't harevst information from our site ans send people spam. Don't use our web forms, forums, or private messaging to send people unwanted messages.

It's our Network so We Keep Watch Over It.

There is not private information (besides email and passwords). Most of the information that flows over our network is something that we keep tabs on. For the most part this is to ensure that people are not misusing our network. Additionaly we may use information to improve the network and make it better for you and all our users.

We need to be able to contact you.

Please don't mark our email as Spam. If you are a part of our network we need to be able to keep in touch with you. We don't intend to abuse this by sending all sorts of emails that do not apply to you. But as long as you are a part of the network we need to be able to contact you via email.

If you Break the Conditions

You'll probably find yourself blocked from our web site. We are open to appeals, but we reserve the right to remove anyone from the site at anytime for any reason.

More Questions?

We invite your questions, comments and inquiries. Please use the contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).