Railing Kits

Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kit

Preassembled Safety Rail Sections
that Speed Up Installation Time

Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits allow you to create a sturdy railing system with no welding or threading. Because your uprights are preassembled, installation is fast and easy. Elbows, crosses, and tees are already fitted to the upright pipes.


Exceeds Standards

Kwik Kit railing systems exceed OSHA requirements for safety railings, and offer the visible advantage of Safety Yellow. The railings are 42" inches high and use 6 foot post spacing. The outside diameter of the pipe is 1.90".


Reliable & Durable

Our railing kits utilize reliable Kee Klamp® fittings. Kits are available in galvanized Iron/Steel or Aluminum. Built to last and take the abuse of everyday use in even the most rigorous work environments.

Easy to Assemble

Kwik Kit railing kits are easy to assemble using a standard hex tool to tighten the large, easy to use set screws. Rails can be cut where shorter sections are required. The kits can be secured using bolts or chemical anchors.

Customer's Love Kwik Kit Railing

We just installed the safety railing last week and everything went perfectly. Ordering from Simplified Safety and installing it ourselves saved us a lot of money. If our insurance company requires us to put a railing on the other side of the dock I would definitely use Simplified Safety again.

Brad, Facility Manager

Ideal Railing Solution for Loading Docks

Loading docks are notorious for damaged railing. It only takes one distracted truck driver and the integrity of your railing is destroyed! Kwik Kit railing kits make an ideal solution for loading docks for a number of reasons.

  1. Kwik Kit railing comes pre-powder coated in highly visible safety yellow.
  2. Underneath that paint is a galvanized coating that protects the railing even if the paint becomes chipped.
  3. Sections are easy to order and install. Each kit come partially assembled.
  4. Damaged sections of railing are easily replaced. WHEN (not if) your railing is backed into, you can quickly order a replacement section and repair the railing without expensive welding work.
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