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Case Study: Preventing Falls from Portable Generators

Preventing Falls from Portable Generators


Project Details

Proton Onsite is a hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions provider based in Wallingford, CT. They have worked with the U.S. military, as well as, aerospace, fueling, and renewable energy industries across the globe.

Recently, they were in the midst of building a new Hydrogen Fueling Station for their SunHydro division and needed to give maintenance workers safe access to the units on the roof. After doing some research, they turned to Simplified Safety to help them find a solution. One of our safety experts worked with Proton Onsite until they found a solution that fit their needs.

This ended up taking a lot of back and forth discussion on different safety railings but our staff was more than happy to help them find a solution that worked. It also helped Proton Onsite to better understand the product and just how simple and modular our system is. Ultimately, they decided to go with a custom designed Kee Klamp OSHA Guardrail.

This guardrail allowed Proton Onsite to attach a railing onto the roof quickly and without too much hassle. Also, since the railing utilizes Kee Klamp adjustable fittings, it allowed them to make adjustments to the railing onsite, during installation. A feat that would not be possible with a welded, pre-fabricated railing.






Project Features

  • Kept workers safe on roof top
  • Easy to use and install
  • Modularity allowed for last minute changes during installation
  • OSHA Compliant

From the customer...

Overall, we’re happy with the system and the relative ease of installation. I look forward to working with you and the guys at Simplified Safety in the future.

Joe Seiverman, Mechanical Engineer at Proton Onsite