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Fall Protection Systems - Simplified SafetyFall Protection Systems - Simplified Safety

Fall Protection
Safety Equipment
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Compliant Safety Railing to Suit Any Environment

OSHA compliant guardrail and safety railing is available for various environment. Our safety rail and guardrail systems can be designed to fit with existing structures or installed in new builds. See our safety rail overview page for list of the qualities that make our guardrail and safety rail systems superior to other railings.



Commercial Safety Rail

The perfect solution for protecting pedestrian walkways and safe passage areas. Our versatile solution protects walkways, ramps, stairs and virtually any walking surface.


Residential Handrail

Our modular railing solution can be used to create aesthetic railings for use in residential environments.


Municipal and Water Treatment Guardrail

Kee Railing is great for municipal applications and water treatment plants. The modular design is corrosion resistant and can easily adapt to toe board attachments.

ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant Handrail

ADA compliance requires a smooth handrail surface. We have an entire line of fittings to suit this application.

ADA Handrail Guide


Handrailing for Stairs

Special stair fittings make it possible to properly angle top rails and mid rails along steeply angled surfaces.


Handrail for Ramps and Wheelchair Access

Our ramp base fitting make it possible to have plumb uprights developed especially for ramps of inclines between 3° and 11°

Pedestrian Guardrail

Pedestrian Guardrail to protect entrances, exits, curbs and drop offs

Protect entrances, exits, curbs and drop offs with clean looking modular railing.


Rooftop railing to protect the roof edge.

OSHA requires that any working area within 15 feet of a roof edge be protected with a barrier. We offer both penetrating and non-penetrating solutions.

See our Non-penetrating Rooftop Guardrail


Offset railing places the rail to the side of the walkway surface

A complete line of offset bases are available so that you can attach your railing to the side of a walking surface.

Infill Panels

Improve the look of your railing with custom infill panels

Custom infill panels are available in many different styles. Discuss the kind of infill panel you need with our sales engineer.


Modular fencing solutions made with Kee Klamp fittings

Our modular railing is strong and easy to assemble and disassemble if necessary. This makes it a great candidate for a wide variety of fencing arrangements.


Protect Machinery and warehouse workers using highly visible machinery guardrail

Protect workers and machinery from warehouse traffic by installing highly visible machinery guardrail.

See our Kwik Kit Product for Fast Installation