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Temporary Mobile Safety Railing

Guardrail G-rail Temporary Mobile Guardrail

Temporary, mobile safety railing is designed to be just that! It's mobile in that the guardrail system is made up of modular sections and weights that can easily be assembled, disassembled, and moved about from place to place. It's temporary in that it is not designed to be used in a location on a permanent basis.

Temporary, mobile guardrail is contractor grade and lighter weight than our more permanent non-penetrating guardrail systems. Temporary guardrail is also designed to work to OSHA construction industry standards which are slightly different than general industry regulations.

Guardrail G-rail Temporary Mobile Guardrail

Modularity and Mobility

G-Rail BaseThe Guardian G-Rail system is made up of 10, 8, and 6 foot sections of railing that are attached to steel bases. Components must be arranged according to manufacturer specification to ensure that the safety railing will be OSHA compliant. In most cases this means that extra "return" sections must be added to the end of each railing.

The steel bases for the railing can be transported by hand (2 people) or by using a special dolly that picks the weight up via a loop in the middle of the base.

Guardrail G-rail Temporary Mobile Guardrail

Made for the Construction Industry

G-Rail temporary guardrail is designed to meet the needs of the construction and contractor industry. It can be combined with warning lines to make a roof perimeter that is acceptable for large roofing jobs. It has relatively few moving parts, and instructions are attached to every guardrail section. Both the bases and the railings are powder coated safety yellow. If a section becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced with another standard section.

We know that railing in the construction industry takes a lot of abuse. Individual sections of railing are relatively low-cost and can be replaced with minimal effort.

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