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Case Study: Protecting Skylights at San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Innovation Center

Protecting Skylights at SDGE Innovation Center

Skylight Screen

Project Details

The San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Innovation Center provides energy to over 3.6 million people in the San Diego area. As such, they require a large facility and a large workforce (nearly 5,000 workers to be exact). From time to time, large facilities like theirs, require routine maintenance or repair work. At the San Diego facility, they needed to have some repairs done on their duct work and HVAC units. However, this would put workers in close proximity to nearby skylights that were unprotected. Fortunately, San Diego Gas & Electric recognized the issue and realized they needed a solution to keep workers safe and prevent them from falling through the exposed skylights.

San Diego Gas & Electric reached out to Simplified Safety for some help and one our safety experts proposed three different solutions: KeeDome, guardrail and skylight screens. KeeDome and guardrail are options for providing railing around the skylight, while skylight screens provide a safe, non-intrusive screen over the skylight. All options prevent workers from falling through the skylight.

After weighing the options, they ultimately went with the skylight screens for a few reasons. One, they wanted to preserve as much walking space as possible. Skylight screens provided the least intrusive option and allowed them to maintain roof top space. Two, they wanted to keep the solution within their budget of a few thousand dollars. With skylight screens, they were able to keep their total cost within $2,000. And three, the skylight screens were quick and easy to install compared to other solutions.


Skylight Screen

Skylight Screen

Skylight Screen

Skylight Screen


Project Features

  • Eliminated the hazard – keeping all workers safe
  • Did not take up any additional roof space – work can still be done.
  • Maintained solution budget
  • OSHA compliant

From the customer...

Please convey my thanks to your team. From my initial phone call to your follow up emails on shipping status, your team exceed our expectations. In addition, product was easy to assemble and it’s quality of construction exceptional. Again, many thanks!

Eric Upham, Operations Specialist at San Diego Gas & Electric