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Skylight Screens - Skylight Fall Protection

Protect Your Skylights with our Cost-Effective,
Non-Penetrating, OSHA Compliant Skylight Screens

  • Skylight Screen

    Vital Skylight Fall Protection

    Skylight screens prevent deadly falls through brittle skylight domes.

  • Skylight Screen Sizes

    Made to Fit All Size Skylights

    Our skylight screens are customized to fit the size of your skylight.

  • Skylight Screen Styles

    Available for Various Skylight Styles

    Skylight screens fit dome, rib-corrugated, and standing-seam skylights.

  • Non-penetrating Skylight Screens

    Non-Penetrating Skylight Screens

    Non-penetrating skylight screens clamp onto the skylight housing or roof seam.

  • SRS Skylight Screens

    OSHA Compliant Skylight Protection

    Protect skylights with an OSHA compliant fall protection solution.

Skylight Screen Features



Our skylight screens have a patented, non-penetrating compression installation that eliminates the use of fasteners and tapes to hold it in place on most installations.



Use on a wide range of skylight shapes and sizes, including dome-shaped, pyramid shaped, long sections, individual units, standing seam skylights and skylights on rib/corrugated metal roofs.These skylight screens can be installed over almost any skylight. Additionally, they can be used to protect other roof top hazards such as smoke vents.


Galvanized Durability

Skylight Screens are available in galvanized or stainless steel for curb style skylight installations, standing seam metal roof skylights, and for rib/corrugated metal roof skylights.

Three Types of Skylight Screens

Curb Style

Standing Seam


Curb Skylight Screen Standing Seam Skylight Screen Rib Corrugated Skylight Screen

Screens come in a full range of sizes and can accommodate skylights as small as 12 x12 inches or as large as 70 x 120 inches.

Standing Seam Screens are 24" wide x 120'' long.

Rib/Corrugated Screens are 36" wide x 120" long to fit a standard installed 36" x 120" skylight panel.

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Unprotected Skylights are Deadly Fall Hazards

Worker deaths are not just statistics! This video memorializes the life of Joe, a roof-worker of 25 years, who was killed when he stepped backward into an unprotected skylight. Watch his story, and be sobered about the importance of protecting skylight fall hazards.