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Simplifying the Safety Solution Process

Arriving at the correct solutions for protecting your employees is critical. OSHA standards require that an employee be separated from hazards at all times. Even more than OSHA, workers and their families are counting on responsible employers who care for worker safety.

Here are some steps we take to help you arrive at the appropriate safety solution.

Consultation/Site Survey

While an on-site inspection is not all ways necessary, we will work with someone in your company to determine where our products can help you protect people in your workplace. In most cases you already know the problem you are trying to solve and just need some assistance in determining which products would be most appropriate for creating a safe work environment.

We are determined to answer questions and educate along the way, so if you have a question please speak right up and contact us today.

Product Specification

After we understand the environment and the safety concerns, we will work to provide you with a solution that will exceed the OSHA standards and create a safe environment for your employees. If you do not see a product that you believe will meet your safety need on our web site, no problem. Often times we will source other safety products as necessary to solve a customer's safety problem. Our goal is to simplify the safety solution process.

At the end of this stage you will receive a complete bill of materials, along with any necessary installation instructions.


Part of our aim, is to provide simple products that are easy to install. In most cases the safety products we provide can be installed by anyone with basic contracting or mechanical skills. In many cases very few tools are required. In the rare case that installation assistance is needed, we will work with local installers to coordinate the installation of your safety solution.


What good is a safety solution if it is not installed properly or used correctly? After the installation of your safety solution we recommend that the system be inspected. In most cases we can help arrange for someone to come and inspect your work site to determine if the system is being used properly and is in full compliance.