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Roof Railing System for Roof Fall Protection

Roof railing is an important safety system that is designed to protect people who are working on rooftops. KeeGuard roof railing contains all of the core features necessary to provide an OSHA compliant safety railing.

What are the Most Important Features of Roof Safety Railing?

  • Tested Roof Railing

    Must be TESTED to meet OSHA Standards for Roof Railing

    A lot of roof railings say that they meet OSHA standards. But can you be sure? Have you seen the testing documentation? KeeGuard Roof Railing has been through third party testing which allows us to definitively say that it has been tested to meet the OSHA safety railing standards. Add to that the fact that KeeGuard is the industry leader when it comes to roof fall protection, and you realize that KeeGuard is about assurance and reliability. Don't trust your companies future and an employees life to simple claim, ensure the that railing has been tested to comply with OSHA standards.

  • Non Penetrating Roof Railing

    Must not Penetrate the Roof Membrane

    KeeGuard roof safety railing first came to the market in 2000 to solve a very distinct problem in the safety industry. The problem was this: how do your provide safety railing on a roof that cannot be penetrated? You want to protect employees working on the roof, but you need to do so in a way that does not cause leaks in your building. Kee Safety solved this problem by creating a railing that used counterbalanced weights to keep the railing upright. The result was a roof railing solution that meet both needs: employee safety and building integrity.

  • Easy to Configure and Install Roof Railing

    Must be Easy to Configure and Install

    Unfortunately most roofs are designed without considering the people who will work on those roofs or access the equipment that is placed there. The result is that equipment is placed too close to a roof edge, and the proper safety measures are often not in place. KeeGuard allows a railing to be placed around a specific area of the roof or even the entire roof perimeter. The system is designed from modular components which allows it to be custom fit to the area of your roof.

    Need to go over a roof duct or some other obstacle? No problem! The modular components allow the railing to navigate around roof top obstacles, while mainting the proper loading requirements. The system is also very simple to install. We offer several levels of installation support, with most customers opting to install the system themselves.

    "KeeGuard is very strong, easy and fast to install and looks like a quality finished solution."

    David B., Facility Service Manager

  • Architectural Roof Railing

    Keep the Architects & Building Owners Happy

    If you're trying to protect a public building, this can be a big issue. Building owners and architects do not like to see a construction style railing appear on their roof. KeeGuard has an architectural look. It uses long contiguous rails to give it an integrated feel. It can also be painted to any RAL color to match the building or left in its standard galvanized grey. KeeGuard also has a unique feature which allows it to be angled back from the roof edge, preserving more of the building aesthetics when viewed from below.

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In most cases, using roof drawings, satellite imagery and some measurements we can provide a quote without ever setting foot on your roof. If your project is more complicated, one of our knowledgable sales staff will come to your site and meet with the safety manager and other stakeholders to survey your roof and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of hazards and solutions.

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