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Where and When to Use Tether Track

Tether Track can be used in a variety of scenarios. Here are a few examples where the use of a rail-based lifeline is appropriate.

Tether Track Used in Train Yard

Train Yards

Protect workers who are elevated on the the tops of train rail cars. The Tether Track can be cantilevered over the edge of the track to create a safe working environment on top of the train. The rigid rail limits the fall distance if a fall would occur, reducing the chances of secondary fall injury.

Rail car fall protection is useful when employees need to work on top of the rail car for maintenance, opening hatches or cleaning purposes.

Tether Track Used in Truck Yard Tether Track Used in Truck Yard

Truck Loading Platforms

Protect workers who are elevated on top of a truck or loading platform. Our cantilevered system allows trucks to drive underneath a fall protection unit. Once underneath the crane, the worker can tie off to an anchor point that stays directly over their head and has no line sag. This keeps the worker on a mobile, yet "short leash" and allows them to work safely while mounted on a truck.

Tether Track Used in Bus Depot

Bus Depots

Protect workers who are elevated on top of the bus doing maintenance and repairs. Ceiling mounted monorails and bridge cranes are a perfect match for bus garages where workers need to get on top of the bus for maintenance, cleaning and repairs. The monorail can be mounted to an existing structure or through a freestanding or fold away system.

Aircraft Maintenance

Protect workers who are elevated on top of an aircraft doing maintenance and repairs. Our bridge crane solution allows workers to be able to move on two axis. In this scenario, the bridge crane could be mounted to the ceiling of an aircraft hanger. This would allow the worker to be tied off over head, while