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Rigid Rail Lifeline Configuraitons

Tether Track Configurations

Ceiling Monorail

Ceiling Monorail

This involves mounting a rigid rail to the ceiling of a warehouse, hanger or other existing structure. The monorail can be dropped down to the appropriate height or mounted flush the ceiling. The monorail can support multiple tracks, allowing multiple workers to pass each other while tied off to the same rigid rail system.

Ceiling Bridge Crane

The bridge crane allows two axis of motion. This allows the worker complete mobility, moving on the x and y axis while keeping the fall protection anchor point directly over the worker's head.

Free Standing Monorail Cantilevered Free Standing Monorail With Duel Legs

Free standing Monorail

The free standing monorail can be supported in two ways. 1) It can be cantilevered from one side, such as in a rail car or trucking application. 2) Additionally it can be supported from two sides. The cantilever option requires the columns to be larger, while supporting it from two side requires smaller support columns.

Free Standing Bridge

The bridge crane allows two axis of motion. This allows the worker complete mobility, moving on the x and y axis while keeping the fall protection connector directly over the workers head. The freestanding unit is supported by columns on either side of the unit.

Fold Away Wall Cantilever Animation

Fold Away Wall Cantilever

The fall protection unit can be tucked away into the side of the wall while it is not in used. Fold away cantilever systems are available in two versions: motorized or mechanical locking mechanism.

Short video on the Fold Away Lifeline System

Gantry Cranes

A great portable solution, allowing the fall protection crane to be transported to where it is needed within a particular environment.

Choosing the Right Track

The following information is intended to assist you in choosing the best track for your application. ANSI defines one worker as an individual with tools that does not exceed 310 lbs. For applications that require a worker and tools exceeding 310 lbs, please consult us for a custom engineered system. All systems listed are designed for components that are rated for the industry standard 900 pounds maximum arresting force (MAF). MAF is defined as the shock force the body feels when decelerating from a fall. For applications with higher potential force, systems can be custom designed as high as the OSHA specified 1800 lbs MAF.

Plain Track

Plain Track

Plain enclosed steel track provides smooth motion with the benefit of offering the most headroom of any track style.

Single Trussed Track

Trussed Track

Single trussed track allows for the longest possible spans between supports, reducing hardware and installation costs.

Dual Trussed Track

Dual Trussed Track

The dual-track enables one worker to pass by another on a monorail system without unsafely disconnecting.

Tether Trolleys

Tether Trolley

Gorbel's Tether Trolleys were engineered specifically for fall protection applications to provide fluid movement and stability. The trolley uses DURACOMP4 wheels, a proprietary material that delivers unmatched durability and consistent long term performance. To match the 2-degree taper of the lower running flange, wheels are also tapered 2-degrees to help keep the trolley centered in the track for effortless movement.

The swivel eye secures the lanyard or SRL, allowing free movement beneath the trolley and prevents twisting of the lanyard or SRL.

The three wheel design of the monorail trolley prevents binding inside the track, even when side loaded up to 30- degrees. This means that as the workers moves, the trolley moves as well.