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G Loop Suspension Trauma Strap

G Loop Suspension Trauma Strap

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Quick Overview

Harness accessory to help with suspension trauma syndrome.


Product Description

Suspension Trauma Syndrome

Suspension Trauma Syndrome or possibly referred to as harness-induced pathology, suspension syncopal incident, prolonged motion less suspension syndrome simply post-fall faint can possibly cause injury or even death if not immediately addressed. A written rescue plan is not enough. Job-site specific training and the availability and knowledge in the use of rescue equipment is paramount to responding in time to a situation.

What Is It?

If you stand for a long period of time, gravity pulls blood into the tissue of our leg and subsequently the heart is not strong enough to pull it back up, if enough blood collects in the legs, you will faint. By falling over the blood will rushes back and you will regain consciousness. When someone falls in a harness, a dangerous situation can occur especially if the victim becomes injured and unable to move or the individual is left suspended for a long period of time. Blood will begin to pool in the legs and sometimes, in less than five minutes, the victim can faint. The situation becomes further complicated as the harness webbing around the legs can restrict the flow of blood altogether by cutting flow off of the Femoral Artery. Since the harness is meant to keep the worker upright, the natural event of fainting becomes more serious as the victim will not fall over and become horizontal. Depending on the physical conditioning of the victim; secondary injuries, general cardiovascular health, initial sizing and fit testing of the harness and adjustments, the victim could reach a critical situation in five to fifteen minutes. This is why it is particularly important to train workers on how to wear a harness and properly fit a harness. Not wearing a harness correctly can create a greater risk of injury.

What To Do

1. Make sure your organization has a rescue plan that is specific to each jobsite. Not all construction sites are the same.

2. Train your employees on what to do in the event an employee has fallen and needs to be rescued. Training is highly effective and must not be over looked. Calling 911 is standard operating procedure, however calling 911 doesn't mean they can respond or even know how to respond.

3. Have the proper equipment including but not limited to a suspension trama strap of which a number of fall protection manufacturers provide. This could also include a long vertical lifeline assembly, if lowered, the fallen victim might be able to grasp the line and make a knot to lift the weight off of their legs. If the fallen victim is incapacitated, using a long piece of rope, the other employees could loop the rope underneath the victims knees to raise and lower them. Try to get the knees up high enough so that the thighs are horizontal. This will help keep the blood circulating. Do not attempt any of these suggestions without first receiving proper training by a qualified individual.

4. Once rescued, the conscious/ unconscious victim should never be fully reclined to a horizontal position under any circumstances. The violent release of the trapped blood volume, increased blood pressure and change in heart rate could seriously damage the heart or release blood clots into the system. Try and keep the victims upper spine vertical or no more than 60 degrees from horizontal. Keep the victim warm in either a crouch or sitting legs out for at least 45 to 60 minutes. Do not attempt any of these suggestions without first receiving proper training by a qualified person.

How to use the G-Loop Suspension Trauma Strap

Suspension Trauma Strap Instructions

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10731 Suspension Trauma Strap

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