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Kee Safety has been building and designing railings and the components used to create rugged pipe structures for over 75 years. The simplicity in the design of these systems is due to the modularity of its parts. Whether you need to protect people, equipment, or your on-site inventory, Kee Safety provides the most cost effective safe solutions to your barrier requirements. When you need a safe, reliable, durable and versatile barrier system, there is only one company to think of: Kee Safety.

Kee Safety has also entered the Personal Protection and Work Wear equipment market. Please browse their offerings of both fall protection and personal protective safety solutions.

Fall Protection and Barrier Solutions

  • Rooftop Railings Rooftop Railings

    Rooftop Railings

    KeeGuard is a free standing rooftop guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane.

  • Skylight Protection Skylight Protection

    Skylight Protection

    OSHA considers a skylight to be a hole in your roof. The solutions that we offer to help you protect people from falling through rooftop skylights.

  • Portable Guardrails Portable Guardrails

    Portable Guardrails

    KeeGuard Contractor is a portable or temporary railing systems. The system is free standing, and has no need for any hardware connections.

  • Kitted Railings Kitted Railings

    Kitted Railings

    Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits allow you to create a sturdy railing system with no welding. Uprights are preassembled for fast and easy installation.

  • Industrial Safety Gates Industrial Safety Gates

    Industrial Safety Gates

    Industrial safety gates have a self-closing hinge that can be used to protect areas such as ladder access points and roof hatches.

  • Warning Lines Warning Lines

    Warning Lines

    Warning Line Systems - Fall Awareness Lines

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Tool Vests Tool Vests

    Tool Vests

    Tool Belts and Tool Vests to Safely to Keep Tools Contained and Safe.