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Work Platform Comparison

Easi-Dec Work Platform Features

The features below show the numerous advantages of the Easi-Dec work platform. Click on the image for a close up of the feature.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Easy to Assemble on Site

    Assembling the Easi-Dec work platform takes minutes, not hours. This makes it possible for you to be on and off the job site more efficiently.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Built in Fall Protection

    Guard railing around the top of work platform makes the platform safe for working at height.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Lightweight, Portable and Corrosion Resistant

    The Easi-Dec's design and construction makes it easy to transport and resistant to corrosion. Made of high quality aluminum parts the unit is very lightweight.

  • Integrated hoists for living solar panels and window frames

    Integrated Hoists

    Easi-Dec platforms have integrated hoists which can be used to lift window frames and solar panels.

  • Integrated hoists for living solar panels and window frames

    Extensions Allow for Great Coverage

    Some Easi-Dec kits come with a bridge extension that allows you to span larger sections.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Expandable with Accessories

    The Easi-Dec line of work platforms has a full set of accessories (like the winged gates pictured above) as well as complete line of replacement parts.

  • Uneven Surfaces

    Works on Uneven Surfaces

    The adjustable legs and ladder spurs allow the work platform to be installed on uneven surfaces like the side of a hill or the grading around the building.

Easi-Dec Comparisons to other Elevated Platforms

Easi-Dec is a versatile aerial work platform specifically designed for working on building exteriors. Easi-Dec enters the work platform market with no equal, so below we have compared Easi-Dec to other traditional aerial work platforms that have traditionally been used to work at height.

Easi-Dec Compared with 3-Teired Scaffolding

Easi-Dec System Three-Teired Scaffold

Easi-Dec Solar Platform

3-Tier Scaffold

Time to set up

Two workers less than 10 minutes

Two workers 30+ minutes

Storage Footprint

25 sq. ft.

80 sq. ft.


165 lbs

460 lbs.

Guaranteed Safety Compliant


Varies depending on manufacturer and price

Transportation Needs

Cargo Van or Utility Truck

Separate trailer or specialized vehicle

Solar Panel Lifting Method

Hoist lifts panels through hinged door in the platform

Requires lifting over the side of the rail


Completely stable

Can sway two feet or more unless tied to structure

Rooftop Fall Protection



Tools Needed for Assembly


Some specialized tools may be required

Number of Components

9 basic components

Approximately 30 separate components

Use on Sloping Ground

Easily adapts to uneven ground

Difficult to adapt to uneven ground


Easi-Dec Compared with Ladder Jacks

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Easi-Dec Compared with Pump Jacks

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