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Tri-Arc Engineered Access Platforms

Safe Access is Possible!

In the work environment safe access should not be optional. Employers are required to protect their employees who are working a heights and in other dangerous environments. Engineered access platforms make it possible to safely access almost any structure.

We are currently in the process of getting our web site up to date with the latest information on many different types of engineered access platforms. In the meantime, please browse the access platform solutions by looking at the images below. If you have questions about having an engineered access platform designed or built for your purposes, please contact our sales team.

Engineered Access Solutions

The projects listed below are are not the only solutions that are available. These photos will give you an idea of the kind of access platforms that can be constructed with our services.

Adjustable Height Platforms

Cantilever Platforms

Crossover Stairs

Fixed Cage Ladder Systems

Industrial Stairs

Manufacturing Assembly Access Platforms

Power Generation Access Platforms

Trailer Access Platforms

Vehicle Maintenance Access Platforms

Work Cell Production Platforms


We Solve Access Problems

Tri-Arc engineered access platforms are completely custom and can be designed to your exact specification. If you do not have a specification, but have an access problem that you need to solve, contact our sales team and we can walk you through a complete design process. Design services are included in the cost of our system, so it costs nothing to start a conversation about your access problem.

Sample Access Platform Projects

  • Wall Mounted Work Platform

    Wall Mounted Work Platform - This platform was designed to be attached to a wall. The work platform was needed to provide access to an HVAC unit that was place too close to the edge of the roof. The work platform, complete with OHSA complaint railings, would allow service personell to work safely while accessing the unit.