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Portable & Mobile Work Platforms
Portable & Mobile Work Platforms

Portable & Mobile Work Platforms

Safe Access Made Easier, Made Mobile

Portable and mobile work platforms give you a work platform that you can take virtually anywhere. Our mobile work platforms feature large casters for easy mobility throughout your facility.

  • The platforms can also be broken down to allow for easy transport between different facilities or work locations.
  • Various kinds of wheels and casters can be attached to the platform to accommodate rough surfaces or metal grating.

A Platform That You Can Take Anywhere

  • Portable & Mobile Work Platforms - Modular

    Modular Sections

    Our work platforms can be broken down completely or in modular sections to allow for easy transport between different facilities.

  • Portable & Mobile Work Platforms - Configuration

    A Configuration for Your Needs

    Our platforms are configured to your exact specifications to suit your desired application perfectly.

  • Portable & Mobile Work Platforms - Mobility

    Superior Mobility

    Mobile work platforms can be moved across your facility with minimal effort allowing you to use the platform in multiple applications.

  • Portable & Mobile Work Platforms - Casters

    Large Casters for Easy Movement

    Large casters on the bottom of the structure make moving the platform across your facility a breeze.

Fast, Professional Service

At Simplified Safety, our team is knowledgeable and here to assist you in your safety needs. When you call expect to get a real person on the line. When you email us you can expect a prompt response.


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This Product is OSHA Compliant

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Platform Standards

Mobile platforms are compliant with all OSHA Standards for platforms.

A Superior Safe Access Solution

Modular Work Platform

Modular Work Platform

  • Easy to Configure On Site

    Mobile platforms are easy to assemble, configure, adjust, and take apart. All of this can be done on site without the need of specialized labor.

  • Shipped Quickly at Minimal Costs

    Because of the unique flexibility of the fittings and pipe used to build mobile platforms, sections can be shipped unassembled or semi-assembled to save on shipping costs. However, should you choose, the platform can also be shipped as a complete unit.

  • Short Design Time

    Since no welding is involved, mobile platforms can be designed, built, and implemented faster than welded solutions. A customized platform can arrive at your facility in nearly half the time as a fabricated platform.

  • Modular Section & Kitted Solutions

    Modular sections allow mobile platforms to be expanded or modified on site. Our kitted solutions allow you to quickly configure a solution for your situation without additional design time overhead.


Recommended Mobile Work Platform Applications

  • Temporary Access Points - You may have equipment that only needs to be accessed on occasion, such as to maintenance an engine. This platform can be rolled to and from the location.
  • Accessing the Top of Vehicles - Rolling platforms can be rolled around vehicles like trucks, busses, train cars, and airplanes.
  • When You Need to Work, Not Just Stand - If you need to work at height, a ladder is generally not recommended. Rolling safe access platforms allow you to stand in a stable, protected area while performing the work.
  • Transitioning On and Off in a Safe Manner - If you need to walk onto the top of an area, a rolling platform can be designed to help you reach that area without any transition risk. The platform surface can be designed to be the same as the working height, making work at height even safer.

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The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and customer is completely satisfied.

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We Will Help You Find the Right Solution

Our staff here at Simplified Safety is knowledgeable and ready to assist you in discovering the perfect solution to suit your safety needs. We will work with you until we find a platform that is fits for your specific application and keeps people safe.

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