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Mezzanine Gates / Pallet Gates

You dont have to give up a safe work environment for the sake of productivity. The Mezzanine Gate is designed to be durable, productive, and provide the same protection as your railing system.

The gate simply lifts via manual or automated operation. Our automated gates open with the push of a button or the pull of a cord. Once the material has been delivered to the mezzanine, the gate closes by a timer or another activation device. This exposes the edge of the mezzanine for only a fraction of a minute, and yet, does not require an additional person, or the forklift operator, to open and close the chains or safety railings.

Three Mezzanine Gates Styles

Mezzanine gates are available in three different styles.

Pallet Gate

Pallet Gate

Simply forklift your pallet of material through the self-closing pallet gate and back away. The gate closes up against your material effectively protecting the mezzanine edge until the material is off loaded or the pallet is removed from the opening. Then the gates spring closed, all the time protecting the opening.

The gates are closed by stainless steel torsion springs securely mounted within the hinge assembly. The high impact bumpers protect your material from being damaged while pushing through the gates.

The adjustable cross bar provides both a visual barrier and a grab surface for added safety.

Horizontal Mezzanine Gate

Horizontal Mezzanine Gate

The Mezzanine Gate is designed to meet Federal OSHA requirements for standard railings. The gate is 42" high with a mid-rail and a 4" toeboard. On-deck mounting requires only 6" of deck space along the width of the gate, or may be mounted off-deck requiring no deck space.

The gate also has an optional electrical package that will automate the opening and closing of the gate.

Vertical Mezzanine Gate

Vertical Mezzanine Gate

Guide Column allows for side-by-side installation of multiple Mezzanine Gates, if needed.

The vertical mezzanine gate can be operated manually, pneumatically or electrically.

Configuration Assistance

If you need help configuring a setup or you would like to receive a quote please contact our Sales Engineers.