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Safety Is Not Just Our Expertise; It’s Our Passion

We understand how fast life can be turned upside-down. Falls happen in a split-second, and they affect more than just those injured. Our goal is to stop tragedies from happening so that people go home safely every day. Through decades of experience, our safety experts have helped thousands of businesses protect their employees from fall hazards by simplifying their safety needs.

Installing KeeGuard fall protection railing
Sean Connor, Simplified Safety Sales Team

Safety is All About Trust

At Simplified Safety, we’re all about building a bond between us and those ready to create a safer workplace. It takes trust — trust that you’re dedicated to safety and that we provide the right solutions for your facility. We seek to fully understand your needs so that you’re prepared with all the knowledge and resources required to properly create a safer environment.

Simplicity and Safety Go Hand in Hand

It’s in our name — and for good reason. The simpler we can make safety, the better because fewer complexities mean less of a chance for a fatal error. We break down the code to make it easy to understand not only what is required, but what is safest and simple. Whether the best option is a locked door and a warning sign or a fully-fledged railing system, you’ll be confident in your safety by using the most straightforward solutions possible.

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Aaron Reed and Katie Campbell, Simplified Safety Sales Team
Mike Hannah, Simplified Safety

The Best Way There is One Step at a Time

We believe in being thorough — taking every step to ensure people go home safely at the end of the day. That’s why our process is as in-depth as it is simple. We use state-of-the-art technology to measure your rooftop virtually and determine your safety needs. Then, we’ll have a consultation and tour your facility, if needed, to ensure we take care of every fall hazard. Our focus is always on what is best for your safety.

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