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Fall Protection Systems - Simplified Safety

Fall Protection
Safety Equipment
and Solutions


We save time, money, and people with
Pre-engineered Fall Protection Systems.

  • Fall Protection

    Non-Penetrating Rooftop Safety Railing

    Rooftop safety railing that will not penetrate your roof membrane.  Easy to install and exceeds OSHA fall protection standards.

  • Fall Protection

    Mono-Dec Hands Free Work Platform

    Work Safer, Work Faster, Work Smarter

  • Fall Protection

    Safe Rooftop Walkway System

    KeeWalk is an innovated rooftop walkway system that allows you to walk on a flat surface on inclined roofs. 

  • Fall Protection

    Horizontal Lifeline Systems

    Fall arrest systems for every roof type.  Learn more about our engineered lifeline systems.

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Client Testimonials

"Service was very quick, had quote within days and follow-up to revisions within hours."

Gregory U.

VP of Engineering

Simplified Safety is your source for fall protection products and solutions. Providing you with pre-engineered fall protection means that you will spend less time and money installing your safety equipment.

In addition to saving money, pre-engineered fall protection solutions offer better safety factors and greater reliability.

Consult our fall protection experts today and discover the products and solutions that will provide you with the best protection.

The Need For Fall Protection Infographic

The Need For Fall Protection Infographic

We have produced an infographic to highlight the dangers of fall hazards in the work place. In addition to showing the statistics related to fall hazards, the graphic also illustrates the best way to address fall protection problems. Visit our infographic page to see the complete illustration. Share it with your collegues to raise awareness!

  • Safety Rail and Guardrail Fall Protection SystemsSafety Rail & Barriers

    Safety railing and guard railing are the preferred forms of fall protection because they eliminate the existence of a fall hazard. We have a large variety of safety railing solutions to help protect people from falls.

    Fall Protection Systems
  • Safe Roof Walkways and Work PlatformsPlatforms & Walkways

    Platforms and walkways make it safer to work at height. We offer roof walkways that provide a safe, sure-footed walking surface. We also offer work platforms that keep elevated workers safely contained.

    Safe Working Platforms
  • Lifeline and Anchor Point Fall Arrest SystemsLifeline & Anchor

    Fall protection lifelines and anchor points take on a number of different forms. We have permanent engineered and pre-engineered lifeline systems, as well as temporary lifeline kits. We carry a large assortment of anchors for attaching to roofs, concrete, I-beams and a number of other structural elements.

    Fall Arrest Systems
  • Personal Protection Fall Protection EquipmentPersonal Protection

    Safety harnesses and safety lanyards are a critical part of an active fall protection system. We carry a wide range of options to provide you with the personal fall protection equipment that you need.

    Fall Protection You Wear
  • Rescue and Retrival Confined Space SafetyRescue & Retrieval

    Confined spaces present a unique danger. In this category you will find special equipment to help people descend and ascend from a confined space as well as equipment for rescuing a worker who has fallen.

    Confined Space Equipment
  • Fall Protection Equipment RentalRental Equipment

    Not every job requires the same fall protection equipment. We offer several large ticket items that can be rented on a monthly basis.

    Fall Protection Rental Systems