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Industrial Safety Gates with Self Closing Hinge

These industrial safety gates comply with OSHA requirements for protecting ladder access points, roof hatches, egress points of railed areas, and more...

Industrial Safety Gate with Self Closing Hinge

Automatically Closes

Our industrial safety gates have a spring hinge that causes the gate to cause automatically. Industrial safety gates are typically used to protect areas such as ladder access points and roof hatches. This industrial gate creates a safe working environment by automatically closing behind the person who moves through the gate. The gate resets itself and does not require the worker to replace the bar or chain.

Attaches Easily

The universal connection point is designed to easily attach to most rounded or rectangular uprights. These industrial safety gates are also designed to work with KeeGuard roof top railing and KeeHatch roof hatch railing.

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Easy Installation

Installation is a snap. Two U-Bolts can attach the gate to a variety of surfaces.

Designed to
Work with KeeGuard Roof Railing & KeeHatch

Self closing gates are definitely OSHA's preference when it comes to accessing a rooftop opening from a ladder or hatch. Our self closing safety gate easily attaches to pipe or angle iron.

Designed to Work with KeeGuard

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KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing

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Configuration Assistance

If you need help selecting an industrial safety gate or you would like to receive a quote please contact our Sales Engineers.