Industrial Safety Gate - Stainless Steel

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Price $667.26
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Model: LSG-304SW-XX

Product Description

This stainless steel industrial safety gate has four different size ranges that can cover 15" to 50" at the top of the ladder opening. The adjustable gate widths makes installation easy and makes it adaptable to meet your needs.

Manufactured by PSDoors, this safety gate excels in fall protection by not just meeting, but exceeding the OSHA load requirements by double. This provides the best type of passive fall protection for your ladders.

The innovative technology of their spring system creates a soft and controlled self-closing gate. This ensures the gate closes securely and quietly behind the user after they’ve opened the gate. The spring system has been tested to more than 1 million cycles and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the gate. Additionally, the spring torque system can be adjusted to change how fast the gate closes.

  • Spring loaded self closing hinge
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Upright not included

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