Self-closing safety gates are integral to creating a safe working environment for rooftops, interiors, and other safe access. Our industrial gates come in a variety of materials, finishes and sizes to provide the protection your people need.

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A Closer Look at the Kee Gate®
Industrial Safety Gate

keegate industrial safety gate

Kee Gate® Components

Attachment Bracket

Attachment Bracket

The attachment bracket uses U-bolt clamps allowing the gate to work universally on most pipe and angle iron.
Gate Stopper

Gate Stopper

Gate stopper is fully rubberized to prevent damage to the contact point.
Spring Loaded Self-Closing Hinge

Spring Loaded Self-Closing Hinge

The gate spring is protected in a galvanized cylinder and has adjustable tension. The Kee Gate spring has life cycle tested for 50,000 closures without failure.
Adjustment Mechanism

Adjustment Mechanism

The adjustable tension on each Kee Gate adapts to almost any orientation. Installation requires only a few simple tools. No cutting or welding are required.

How to Install Kee Gate®

The adjustable design and modular components make installing 1 or 100 self-closing safety gates a simple, easy process.

Advantages of Our Industrial Safety Gates

Industrial Safety Gates That Exceed Safety Compliance

As of November 2016, chains, single-bar or drop-bar style gates are no longer OSHA compliant. According to OSHA 1910.29(b), ladders and hatches are required to be secured with a self-closing safety gate and safety-compliant railing.

Kee Gate's spring-loaded self-closing hinge ensures that the gate will automatically close, maintaining a constant safety barrier between the user and the hazard. This provides a safe environment and avoids the possibility for human error. Kee Gate meets the strict requirements of more than just OSHA.

  • EN 13374 Class A.
  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4
  • OSHA
  • ANSI
  • Ontario Building Code, NBC and British Columbia Building Code
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Canada Occupational Health and Safety
self-closing industrial safety gate on roof
industrial safety gate in warehouse

Self-Closing Safety Gates to Fit Any Opening

Kee Gates’ complete range of OSHA compliant self-closing industrial safety gates provide permanent hazard protection for your rooftops, exterior, or indoor use.

The versatility of the safety swing gates allows you to fully adjust the universal size gates by cutting the widths to size on-site. Kee Gate has been specially designed with U-bolt clamps allowing the products to be mounted to the supporting structure/post/stringer. This allows the connection around any flat, square or tubular stringer from 1 to 1.5 in.

We have self-closing gates to fit your needs.

  • Nine Different Pre-cut Sizes to fit openings between 18 and 48 in.
  • Universal Size Single Gate Fits Openings 15 to 44 in.
  • Extra-wide Double Gate Fits Openings 24 to 72 in.
  • Full Height Gate to Fit Openings from 15 to 44 in.

Durable Safety Gates You Can Count On

Kee Safety's industrial gates are made from heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel and can be powder-coated in safety yellow for visibility. All the industrial safety gates are corrosion-resistant to stand up to the elements. They have undergone extensive testing to ensure safety and durability to easily withstand frequent, heavy usage. This rigorous testing ensures a long-lasting, reliable, solution that you can count on.

  • Salt spray tested for over 200 hours to assess corrosion performance (ASTM B117 - 11 - 55)
  • Life cycle tested for 50,000 closures without failure (BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5)
self-closing safety gate on hatch railing

Kee Gate FAQs

Where is an industrial safety gate required?

A safety gate protects an area of transition. OSHA states an industrial safety gate is required when guardrail systems are used around holes that serve as points of access such as ladder openings and roof hatch openings.

Is Kee Gate suitable for outdoor use?

Yes. Our self-closing safety gates have undergone extensive testing including life cycle and salt spray testing to ensure durability and reliability.

Which direction do your safety gates open?

You can install Kee Gate to either open on the right or on the left. Just make sure that the gate will close in the direction of the hazard.

Can I trim the industrial gate down in width?

We offer a universal size gate that you can cut to your specific width onsite.

Are your industrial safety gates OSHA compliant?

Yes. Kee Gate is compliant with the requirements of OSHA, Ontario Building Code, The National Building Code of Canada, as well as British and European Standards.

If a pre-cut safety gate doesn't fit my requirements, can you customize a gate for me?

We offer universal size gates that you can cut onsite to your specific measurements. Call one of our experts at 1.866.527.2275 or send us a chat.

What is the size of the gate's pipe?

Kee Gate's diameter is 1-inch pipe.

Can the gate be mounted to square tubing?

Yes. The gate's U-bolt can provide connection around any flat, square, or tubular stringer from 1” – 1.5”.

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