Access a Mezzanine Safely: Mezzanine Gates and Platform Gates

Need to access a mezzanine or platform safely? Mezzanine and platform gates can help you gain access to that crucial space in a safe and efficient way. Mezzanine gates allow you to easily fork lift materials from a lower level onto a higher platform. Mezzanine gates can be manual, spring loaded or automated. There are three primary styles of mezzanine gates:

Pallet Gates

Pallet Gates - these spring loaded gates push open and quickly allow pallets to be loaded onto a mezzanine.

Horizontal Mezzanine Gates

Horizontal Mezzanine Gates - these gates slide open to the side. These are best used when a large amount of overhead clearance is required. Horizontal mezzanine gates can be opened manually or through an electric automation system.

Vertical Mezzanine Gates

Vertical Mezzanine Gates - Vertical gates open up and down to allow materials to be loaded on and off the mezzanine.

Get complete details on the Mezzanine and Platform Gate page.

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