Increased Productivity

Jobs get done faster because multiple workers can be attached to a single overhead rail system. Depending on the system, up to four users can be connected at any given time.


Superior Protection

Rigid overhead lifeline systems eliminate many of the hazards that occur with other shortfall systems. Single anchor points & overhead wire systems cause pendulum swings and injuries to workers on the same system.


Built to Last

Kee Track and FlexRail overhead lifelines are fully galvanized for added durability and corrosion resistance. You can trust that these systems will be safe for years, whether installed indoors or outdoors.


More Than OSHA

Rigid rail lifelines are built to meet OSHA standards, but that's not enough for us. We want to help you get the right solution for your needs and keep your people safe, not just help you meet OSHA code.

What Are My Overhead Lifeline Options?

Rigid rail systems are perfect for warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars, transportation depots, and other facilities with various ceiling heights. Each of our systems meets a unique set of needs; we'll help you find out which one is right for you.

Kee Track® Fall Protection System

Safe and Fast

We like downtime as much as you do. Kee Track is installed without welding or the use of heavy-duty lifting equipment. Once the install team is on-site, the average rail and trolly system is installed in a single day. Kee Track is a solution for safer employees, less downtime, and minimal disruption to productivity.

Custom Fit Without The Custom Cost

In your building, when you look up, you'll probably see more than just the ceiling. Overhead electrical, plumbing, ventilation systems, and oddly placed cross bracing can limit other overhead rail systems or cost a lot to engineer around. Kee Track is designed to attach to the existing roof purlins and secondary steel, not just the main beams.

Retool Faster

How you arrange your work areas can change, and it can happen suddenly. Heavily engineered systems will need to be re-engineered when it's time to move. The modular design of Kee Track allows it to be reconfigured quickly with minimal input from an engineer.

Safety You Can Trust

Even with all of Kee Track's flexibility, it's been tested to meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.140 & 1926.502 standards. Kee Safety is a world leader in safety products; your employees will be safe every step of the way.

FlexRail Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Flexible Lifeline System's most common fall arrest solutions are their family of rigid rail systems:
  • Single Rail: Single overhead trolley track attached to the main structural elements of the building.
  • Cartesian Bridge Rail: Movable FlexBridge systems that can be positioned to cover a large coverage area.
  • Twin Rail: Double rail systems that allow users to pass by one another safely.

The versatile design allows our engineers to configure the solution for your specific needs. The overhead rail can include curves, intersections and provides for future expansion. All the structural components are hot-dip galvanized for added durability and corrosion control. FlexRail's enclosed track design protects the trolley against weather, dirt, and debris and is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Pre-Engineered Off the Shelf

You don't always need a heavily engineered solution for fall protection; pre-engineered systems are an excellent choice for those with basic fall protection needs.

They come in various track styles and specifications:

  • Free-standing
  • Swing arm
  • Ceiling-mounted system

We'll help you find a pre-engineered overhead fall protection system that works for you.

Track systems vs Cable systems

Fall protection
No. of Users
Cost effective
Track systems
Fall protection
Stops a fall with a shorter drop. This can be critical when working on sensitive equipment.
Requires more initial expense but requires less maintenance and replacement over time.
No. of Users
Can be configured to allow for multiple users to work simultaneously.
Restricted to straight line installation.
Cable system
Fall protection
Falls can cause a "V" deflection with potential of user injury and equipment damage.
Less initial expense but subject to more wear and tear, and requires more frequent inspections.
No. of Users
Usually limited to a maximum of three users at any one time.
Can flow around corners and up and down height deviations.
Product Guides


Find out more about KeeTrack overhead lifeline systems

A Lifeline System
That Suits Every Industry

KeeTrack rigid rail

This rigid rail system is suitable for warehouses, factories, hangars, depots, and any other similar facilities with both high and standard roof heights, no matter the layout. Use it for maintenance and repairs, tank filling, and loading.


Our overhead lifeline system will help keep mechanics and aircraft maintenance teams safe while repairing, maintaining, or assembling aircraft. The system is so versatile that it will suit the roof layout of any hangar or factory.

Railway & trackside

Suited for installation in train depots, Kee Track allows for safe access to and around trains for maintenance and repairs.


Vehicle fleets of any size require constant maintenance and repairs. Where access is difficult using other safety systems, Kee Track allows for safe means of approach to the top and sides of any vehicle, ranging from trucks, buses, coaches, trailers, and any other heavy transport equipment.

Distribution & manufacturing

Reaching over machinery, tall racks, and other high areas can be challenging: that’s why an overhead fall protection system is sometimes the only safe solution. With Kee Track, you can keep the maintenance of these areas safe and efficient.

Ensure that your team works safely with our
full range of fall protection solutions

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