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Rigid Rail Overhead Fall Protection System

Designed for safety and more mobility for workers operating in elevated environments.
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What is a Rigid Rail System?

Rigid rail is an overhead fall arrest system, paired with self-retracting lifelines, is a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments where stable anchor points are challenging. Typical rigid rail solutions are found internally in manufacturing plants where ceilings cannot anchor a lifeline, or in rail yards and airport hangars.

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Our rigid rail systems are designed to be safer using a shock absorbing safety lanyard, or self-retracting lifeline, tied to a stable, high-grade aluminum track and fall arrest trolley system.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection Solutions


OSHA Regulations

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1910.140(12) Anchorages: Anchors used to attach to personal fall protection equipment must be independent of any anchorage used to suspend employees or platforms on which employees work. Anchorages used to attach to personal fall protection equipment on mobile work platforms on powered industrial trucks must be attached to an overhead member of the platform, at a point located above and near the center of the platform.

1910.140 Personal Fall Arrest Systems: The employer must ensure that each personal fall protection system used must comply with the requirements in this section:

  • Limit the maximum arresting force on the employee to 1,800 pounds; 1910.140(d)(1)(i)
  • Bring the employee to a complete stop and limit the maximum deceleration distance the employee travels to 3.5 feet; 1910.140(d)(1)(ii)
  • Have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of the employee free falling a distance of 6 feet, or the free fall distance permitted by the system; and... 1910.140(d)(1)(iii)
  • Sustain the employee within the system/strap configuration without making contact with the employee's neck and chin area. 1910.140(d)(1)(iv)

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