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KeeGuard Roof Fall Protection Railing

The Highest Quality Free Standing, Roof Edge Fall Protection System on the Market

OSHA's strict legal requirements require employers to ensure a proper safety management program for employees working at heights. The KeeGuard fall protection guardrail system can ensure the proper safety and well being of your employees and workers who access a building roof top. In addition to providing safe access to a roof top, KeeGuard's unique design makes it simple to install and offers long term durability.

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Video Overview of KeeGuard Rooftop Railing

KeeGuard has a number of benefits. This video will cover the features that make KeeGuard the industry leader in roof edge railing.


What Makes KeeGuard the Market Leading Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing?

  • Tested Roof Railing

    KeeGuard is Non-penetrating

    Providing fall protection does not have to mean putting holes in your roof. KeeGuard is a free standing guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. KeeGuard has a patented counter balance system that allows you to protect workers on your roof without the need to screw or drill into the roof membrane. Special pads on the bottom of the kickboard fittings provide an extra layer of protection.

  • Tested Roof Railing

    KeeGuard is Flexible & Cost Effective

    KeeGuard is supplied in pre-fabricated modular sections. KeeGuard's modularity makes it easy to install. The system's modular components allow installation of a 600 foot run by 2 people in 8 hours, saving you time and money where it counts most - on site.

    The system's modular components allow for installation on split-level and low slope roofs. They also allow the KeeGuard system to easily navigate roof top obstacles such as vents and ducts.

  • Tested Roof Railing

    KeeGuard is Essential Fall Protection

    KeeGuard has been fully tested, and when installed properly exceeds OSHA standards. The KeeGuard guardrail system can be used for roof edge fall prevention, walkway demarcation, stairwells, open elevator shaft fall protection, skylight fall protection, and fulfillment of other prescribed safety requirements.

  • Tested Roof Railing

    KeeGuard is Durable

    Because the components of a KeeGuard system are galvanized to ASTM standards, the system will last much longer than one that is simply powdercoated. KeeGuard's modular components make the system even more durable. KeeGuard has no welded joints that are susceptible to corrosion.

KeeGuard Roof Railing has the Options You Need

KeeGuard roof guardrail is a flexible system that has many features and options with make it ideal for providing the proper protection from fall hazards.

  • Upright Options

    Upright Options

    There are two different upright styles to choose from, counterbalance and post weights. Post weights take up less room, but are heavier in weight. Our sales team can help guide you to the right solution.

  • Roof Type Options

    Works With Several Roof Styles

    KeeGuard is made to work with standard commercial flat roofs, low slope roofs, standing seam metal roofs and corrugated metal roofs. There are fall protection railing options for each of these roof types.

  • Install Services

    Installation Services

    Whether you need someone on site to direct your crew or complete turn-key installation, connect with us to find out more about our installation options.

  • Add-On Options

    Self Closing Safety Gates

    Railing openings, such as ladder access points, should not be left without a self-closing safety gate. These gates ensure that your safety perimeter is clearly demarcated.

  • Color Options

    Color Options

    The standard railing comes a galvanized grey color, but KeeGuard can be powdercoated to any RAL color. Powdercoating is a durable epoxy coating that is baked onto the galvanized components.

  • Infill Panels

    In-fill Panels

    In-fill panels attach in between the railing uprights to form a fence. In-fill panels panels are frequently used when the railings will be in a place that is accessible to the public.

  • Integrated Toeboard

    Integrated Toeboard

    Toeboard is a requirement if there is no parapet to protect people below the railing. The toeboard integrates directly into the boot fitting with an additional hardware kit.

What Do Our Customers Say About KeeGuard?

"The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and customer is completely satisfied."

Bill F.,

Video Customer Testimonial


How Can KeeGuard Roof Railing Be Used?

Perimeter Protection

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

Perimeter protection is the safest way to protect a roof - take away all fall hazards to allow your workers to be able to stay completely focused on the job at hand.

HVAC Equipment Railing

KeeGuard HVAC Equipment Railing

HVAC, fans, sensors, etc. are often located within 15 feet of a roof edge. Provide a safe working area for employees and contractors that need to service these units.

Walkway Protection

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

Rooftops can be littered with hazards. A simple way to protect employees can be to provide a safe walkway from point "A" to point "B".

Ladder Access Safety

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

Most falls happen at this transition point. Protect your workers with a safe access point onto and off of the roof. KeeGuard integrates with our self closing safety gates.

Skylight Protection

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

Many smaller skylights can be protected with screens that eliminate the fall hazard. Large skylights can be difficult to protect. KeeGuard roof railing can bring your skylights into OSHA compliance.

Employee Access Areas

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

A common use for an otherwise unused rooftop is to provide a break area for employees. KeeGuard can help you make that area free from fall hazards.

Solar Panel

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

Solar panels, an increasingly common and beneficial addition to the workplace, unfortunately presents some additional hazards. Protect the people who maintain the solar panels with the proper level of fall protection.

Multi-Level Roof Protection

KeeGuard Perimeter Protection Railing

KeeGuard's modularity allows it to span across and around multiple level roofs and other rooftop obstacles

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