Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail

Rooftop Walkway System

Kee Walk® Provides a Safe, Non-Slip Elevated Roof Walkway and Minimizes Roof Damage
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Roof walkway

Works on Any Roof Surface

Works on membrane, profiled and standing seam metal roofs.

Individual fall protection

Non-Slip Surface

Provides a non-slip, level surface for workers to safely access rooftop equipment.

Pitched roof

Conquer Any Slope

Can be leveled to any flat, barrel or sloping roofs up to 35°.


360° Protection

Pair with OSHA compliant guardrail or lifeline for 360° protection on any roof or slope.

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Advantages of a
Roof Walkway System

rooftop walkway on sloped airport roof

A Rooftop Walkway Designed for Slopes

Kee Walk can be used on used on flat, barrel and sloping roofs and is designed to provide a level walking surface for slopes up to 35 degrees. Rather than just relying on friction to provide a safe walking surface when traveling up a slope, Kee Walk utilizes stair sections for a safe and ergonomic ascent.

Universal Mounting Hardware Ensures Kee Walk Will Fit Your Roof Surface

With a variety of mounting methods available, Kee Walk works on virtually any roof surface. Even flat roofs in high-wind zones can be accommodated with free-standing weighted bases. Kee Walk can be installed on almost every profile of metal roof with our myriad of mounting options.

Kee Walk Roof walkway system
Kee Walk with guardrail, rooftop walkway system

Integrated Guardrail Protects Your Workers from Falls

Kee Walk can be paired with an integrated railing and crossover work platform and stairs to completely protect your workers as they access your roof. Kee Walk with OSHA compliant guardrail protects workers from slips as well as roof edges and other hazards. Need a low-profile or 100% tie-off solution? KeeLine Lifeline system can also be used.

Rooftop Walkway System Specs

  • OSHA 1910.28(b)(13) Compliant
  • Modules are supplied as 5 foot (1.5m) and 10 foot (3m) pre-assembled sections
  • Constructed from glass reinforced nylon treads attached to aluminum support beams
  • Adaptable to changing roof angles from 0 to 35 degrees; can be adjusted on site
  • Fire Rated to Class HB of UL94 (harmonized with ISO 9772)
  • Designed for roof types including membrane, metal profile, and standing seam roofs
  • Capable of withstanding, without failure a force of at least 200 lbs applied in a downward or outward direction within 2 inches (5 cm) of the top edge, at any point along the top rail

The Kee Walk® system is fully compatible with all horizontal lifeline systems including Kee Safety's KeeLine® system or can be used on flat roofs with the KeeGuard® system to produce free standing walkways.

Examples of Kee Walk System

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