Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway Systems

Kee Walk Roof Top Walkway

Provide Workers with a Safe Walking Surface and Protect Your Roof from Wear
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Modular Safe Rooftop Walking Surface that
Protects the Worker and the Roof Surface


Safe Walking Surface

Kee Walk provides a non-slip, level surface for workers to safely traverse a roof. Couple with a railing or horizontal lifeline for complete fall protection.

Roof walkway

Install Anywhere

Kee Walk can be configured for a variety of metal and membrane roof surfaces and can handle slopes up to 35 degrees.


Improve Efficiency

A level walking surface will enable workers to access and utilize areas of work more efficiently, while protecting the roof from wear.

Advantages of a
Safe Rooftop Walkway

Safe Walking Surface on Sloped Roofs
Safe Walking Surface on Sloped Roofs
Kee Walk provides a flexible solution for most medium to low-slope roofs, without custom engineering or fabrication. Available for metal and membrane roofs, Kee Walk will protect your roof and your workers.
Reduce Slips and Trips
Reduce Slips and Trips
KeeWalk is designed and manufactured by a safety company, creating a solution that will keep your workers safe. Slip-resistant treads, adjustability to level the walkway, and weight distribution, all add up to safe and secure footing.
Protect Your Rooftop
Protect Your Rooftop
While keeping workers safe, Kee Walk also prevents roof damage. Whether on a membrane or metal roof, walking-path travel will wear the roof prematurely.

Learn How Kee Walk Works

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Have You Considered All Your Rooftop Hazards?

Dive deeper with our Fall Protection Specialists. We will analyze your roof together using satellite imagery to ensure all fall hazards are protected, and Federal OSHA and local building codes are compliant. We want to make sure you have a comprehensive solution.

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