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Safety Railing Systems - OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Railing

Safety railing systems that offer OSHA compliance, ease of installation and maintence free durability. Select the safety railing solution that is right for your setting. Our safety railing systems come in several configurations that are available for rooftops, construction sites and standard ground-based railing.

Safety Railing Requirements

OSHA specifies that safety railing must be no shorter than 42" tall. All of our safety rail systems are built to provide the protection that OSHA requires. In addition to height, OSHA also requires that safety railing be able resist (without deflection) 200lbs of point load applied to the top rail. All of our safety railing systems have been tested to this OSHA requirement.

Attaching Safety Railing

Every safety railing must be able to meet the OSHA requirement, but there are several different ways to attach safety rail to your surface.

  • Non-penetrating Safety Rail - Non-penetrating safety rail solutions are designed with the rooftop in mind. Safety rail systems such as KeeGuard Non-Penetrating Rooftop Safety Rail use counterbalanced weights that allow the railing to sit on top of the roof surface without penetrating the roof membrane. These weighted safety rail systems are easy to install, and can usually be installed with minimal labor. Each non-penetrating safety rail system is engineered to meet the specifications of the customer to ensure that their system will be safe for people accessing the roof and comply with OSHA safety rail requirements.
  • Parapet Mounted Safety Rail - Another safety rail solution for rooftops is the parapet mounted safety rail. Parapet mounted systems come in two versions: permanent and temporary. Permanent parapet safety rails are attached to the inside our outside of the building's parapet. Temporary parapet safety rails clamp onto the parapet with a clamping mechanism that is easy to attach and remove.
  • Ground Mounted Safety Rail - Ground mounted safety rail uses base flanges to attach directly the walking surface. This safety railing is commonly found on walkways and stairways.

Safety Railing Durability


Safety railing is a capital investment in any home or business and lifetime should be a principal consideration when choosing between safety rail systems. Most of our safety rail systems are non-welded, using Kee Klamp fittings to create a weldless, industrial strength connect. One of the beauties of this connection methodology is that it does not penetrate the galvanization on the safety railing making it much less susceptible to corrosion in the long run. Watch the short video below that compares fitting based safety rail to traditional welded safety railing.