Safety Railing Systems for Fall Protection

Safety Railing Systems for Fall Protection

Safety Guardrail and Railing Systems to Protect Workers

Railing and Guardrail to Meet Your Safety Needs

Safety railing systems are a vital part of keeping any workplace safe and OSHA compliant. Anytime there is a fall hazard, placing a guardrail between you and the hazard is your best option. However, what does OSHA require for your safety railing?

OSHA will require that the railing be 42” tall from the working/walking surface. From there, you will need a rail halfway between the top rail and the working/walking surface. The rails must be able to withstand a 200 lb. force and toe-board will be needed if anyone is likely to walk underneath the area of work.

Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

safety railing systems for rooftops

Safety Railing for Rooftops

Rooftops present serious fall hazards, which makes safety railing critical to reduce or eliminate hazards of working at height. All rooftops are unique, just like how you access and work, which is why we have an array of rooftop safety railing solutions available to mitigate rooftop hazards. Some of the most common hazards on a rooftop include:

  • Access points - Doors, Ladders, and Hatches
  • Roof Openings - Skylights
  • Unprotected Edges - Roof Edge and Elevation Changes
  • Obstacles - Air-Ducts, HVAC, Elevation Changes

No matter the rooftop, our team will work with you to create a custom rooftop safety plan to mitigate the hazards of working at height.

Safety Railing for Ground and Interior Solutions

Interior railing and ground-mounted railing is critical when it comes to creating a safe and OSHA compliant working or walking surface. Safety hazards are often overlooked at the ground level, both indoors both indoor and outside, making safety railing imperative to creating a safe and compliant workplace. Examples of common hazards include crashes, unprotected edges, and hazardous walkways.

Ensuring your safety is our top priority, that is why our fall protection specialists will help customize a safety plan to ensure a safe and compliant solution for your needs.

mounted railing for warehouse safety
temporary railing for construction sites

Safety Railing for Construction

Sometimes you just need a temporary portable railing for a quick job or on your construction site. With our wide variety of options, shop our construction guardrail products made specifically for your application.

Depending on your job site, you may need something that temporarily mounts directly into wood, metal or cement. Or maybe you need something that is non-penetrating. Our non-penetrating railing options include systems that sit directly on the surface with weighted bases, while others clamp onto existing structure such as parapet walls or concrete slabs.

Some railing systems come with rails while others just standard 2x4’s as the guardrail. The benefit to using 2x4’s for guardrails is that these are very inexpensive and readily available on most construction sites. In addition, the uprights used for the railing are smaller and more easily transported to and from locations.

The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and the customer is completely satisfied.

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