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The CoverSafe Trench trellis cover prevents falls into open trenches. It acts as a temporary platform over holes in the road, keeping workers safe and sound. The cover is particularly relevant for road work and construction sites, where falls through trenches happen, although they could have been easily avoided.

The trellis cover expands over holes, while still ensuring that the area is easy to inspect.

Advantages of CoverSafe Trench

unprotected trench safety solutions

A fall protection solution for trenches

The Oxford Safety Components trench cover prevents construction workers from falling into open voids. Compared to its alternatives (such as solid boards or signage), the system has the following advantages:

  • It allows for easy inspection of the trench, as it is not opaque
  • It places a physical barrier between the user and the hazard
  • Allows for quick access into the trench when and as required
  • It can be clipped down for extra stability

A physical barrier between you and a hazard

Trenches and holes in the ground can be easy to miss, especially on busy sites. This means they can lead to serious accidents and, in some cases, even death.

Barriers and signage can be used to signal such hazards, but a physical barrier is always the best solution to ensure that everyone is safe. This is especially important for teams working inside a barrier as they can easily fall into unprotected holes in the ground.

unprotected trench fall hazard
oxford safety trench protect safety solution

A strong, durable cover

This trench cover is tough. The bars are made of plastic resin reinforced with windings of strong, high technology filament fibers (developed for aero-space).

While it is not designed for pedestrians or high traffic areas, the cover will prevent workers from falling into unprotected trenches.


Technical Details

  • Material: Reinforced plastic resin
  • Dimensions of the trellis when closed for transport and storage: 4.7 ft. (L) x 19.25 in. (W) x 1.5 in. thick
  • Weight: 14 lb.
  • Covering length over trench:
    • 2.9 ft. Trench: 6.5 ft. (L) x 3.9 ft. (W)
    • 1.9 ft. Trench: 9 ft. (L) x 2.9 ft. (W)

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