Fall Protection Advice from the Experts

We have developed a remote-first approach to provide you with a thorough fall protection consultation when you need it from the comfort of your office. Best of all, it is free of charge.

How can this service be free?

We believe in educating as many people as possible about fall protection and the risks of working at height. We also believe that education builds trust and that kind of trust is a solid foundation for building a business.

Even if you don't order from us, we still want to help you succeed in keeping your people safe from injury and your company safe from liability.

After scheduling your free remote fall protection consultation, we will:

  • We will review your rooftop via satellite imagery to identify areas of risk or non-compliance
  • Discuss your site, work conditions, and work environment during your scheduled call
  • After our call we will deliver a detailed report that addresses risks, areas of non-compliance, and actionable next steps

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North America achieve Federal and local compliance.
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Our Process

How We Perform a Remote Fall Protection Consultation


Review Your Roof

Together we will review your roof with measurable aerial imagery. We'll customize the analysis of your rooftop while evaluating for OSHA compliance.


Talk Specifics

Every rooftop is unique and has it's own set of challenges. We will help you understand how to bring your specific rooftop into compliance.


Deliver Your Report

Our detailed report will empower you with the knowledge and tools to expertly navigate and communicate your safety concerns.

Preview Your Detailed Report

Share What You Learn with the Rest of Your Company

Our report will give you insights on where you need to protect your rooftop and the recommended options based on OSHA standards.

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