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OSHA Compliant

Designed to exceed OSHA regulations, our skylight screens are rigid and can be engineered to withstand loads of 400 pounds.


Built to Last

We offer skylight screens in galvanized and stainless steel versions, designed to exceed lifespan of your skylight.



Compared to alternatives, such as railing and lifelines, skylight cages are a budget-friendly way to keep people safe.

Easy to Assemble

Easy Installation

Each skylight screen protection system is designed to fit your dimensions, making installation simple.

skylight cages

Advantages of
Skylight Safety Screens

Fall Protection That Works Without PPE

Skylights are easy to overlook on a rooftop as a fall hazard. The plexiglass dome or panel can give a false sense of security because it either blends in or doesn't look like a common hole. This is why a passive fall protection system like skylight screens are the ideal solution for fall safety.

OSHA requires that each hole in your roof, which is what a skylight is classified as, has fall protection.

Skylight screens or cages cover the skylight with a wire mesh to protect them from accidental falls and lacerations. The passive fall protection that skylight covers provide means that no specialized training or PPE are required to keep you and your team safe.

Corrugated Roof Skylight Screen

Non-Penetrating Skylight Screen

Save Space and Money with Skylight Screens

Skylight screens do not require any special labor to install. A few tools and two people is all that is needed to install a screen in thirty minutes, saving time on more involved fall protection installations.

Each skylight cover is designed to fit the dimensions of your skylight. This saves time from having to make in field adjustments, while reducing the footprint this fall protection requires on your roof.

When you install skylight screens, you provide the comprehensive fall protection you need to avoid potential OSHA fines and litigation. Not to mention the costs involved, financially and emotionally, if an accident were to occur without them.

Skylight Screen OSHA Codes

OSHA defines how skylight screens (covers) can be used in the workplace. Here are the relevant OSHA codes you need to know.

  • 1910.28: This code describes an employers duty to have fall protection and what that fall protection can be in each situation.
  • 1910.29: This code lays out the design requirements, like strength and dimensions, for fall protection solutions.
  • Cal-OSHA Title 8, Chapter 4, Article 19, 1623(3): California OSHA sets requirements that extend beyond and thus supercede Federal OSHA requirements.

Skylight Screen Choices

Non-Penetrating Skylight Screen

Non-Penetrating Curb Style: Model STS

The curb style screen attaches to the outer frame of a skylight. With its patented, non-penetrating compression installation, there’s no need for fasteners eliminating possible leaks caused by fastening the skylight screen to the frame.

Non-Penetrating Skylight Screen

Curb Style SRS Model Skylight Cage

This metal screen rests on the roof surface and is engineered to transfer the impact of the fall load directly to the roof and not the skylight. The screen is designed to withstand a 400lb load to comply with Cal-OSHA standards.

Non-Penetrating Skylight Screen

Corrugated Screens: Model SCS

Corrugated metal roof screens attach to the metal rib/corrugated structure to mitigate the risk of fall hazards. The skylight screens attach using two support channels centered on the skylight for secure installation.

standing seam metal roof skylight screen

Standing Seam Screens: Model SSS

Standing seam metal screen protection system features a unique installation that attaches by clamping to the standing seam instead of using penetrating fasteners.

Skylight Screens FAQs

How much weight does OSHA require for skylight screens?

Skylight screens are required to withstand twice the anticipated load according to OSHA 1910.29(e).

What are skylight screens made of?

Skylight screens are made using rigid galvanized carbon steel or 304 stainless steel and are built to withstand rain, snow, ice, wind, and heat better than other types of building materials. The screens come in a variety of sized wire including .187, .250, and .312 inch diameters.

What type of skylights and roof surfaces will skylight screens work on?

Skylight screens can be designed to work with many forms of skylights and on many roof surfaces including curb, standing seam, and corrugated. There are standard sizes available as well as custom engineered options for oversized skylights.

Do skylight screens penetrate the roof surface?

There are multiple types of skylight screens that can offer penetrating and non-penetrating installation processes. Some latch onto the outer edge of the skylight and tighten without penetrating the frame while others can be bolted in the roof or frame.

Are skylight screens permanent? How long do skylight screens last?

Skylight screens are designed as a permanent system with durable galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel that last decades. They are designed to protect workers and stop large objects from impacting the skylight even after years of harsh weather. They’re easy to adjust or remove down the line should maintenance be required or roof layouts change.

How long does it take to install a skylight screen?

Skylight screens are easy to install in a matter of minutes. Depending on the type of skylight, any installation of a skylight screen can take between 15 and 30 minutes by 2 workers without any special training or tools. Or, you can have them professionally installed by a third-party contractor.

What does Cal-OSHA require for skylight screens?

Cal-OSHA requires skylight screens to withstand a force of 400 lbs, which is twice the weight that is required by OSHA. Cal-OSHA also states that they should be rigid in construction so that the force of the impact or load will not cause the screen to buckle under pressure and break the glass below them.
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