Safety Delivered Fast

Get your safety platform in as little as 4 weeks. The modular design of our system means there’s no extra fabrication time.

Self install alternate

Safety Assembled Easily

Our safe access platforms are simple to assemble with a modular design and mechanical connections, so there’s no need for special tools and labor.


Safety That Remains

Our safe access platforms are designed and engineered for superior durability in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Safety Designed For You

All safety platforms are built to your unique safety needs. Our priority is to help you access your working zone safely.

Advantages of Our Safe Access Platforms

Rooftop Crossover Platform

Safety Platforms When You Need Them

Whether you need to climb over obstacles like ductwork or work on larger HVAC units, a safe access platform is only helpful when you have it on site. You don't have to wait months for long fabrication times. Get a safe access platform in as little as 4 weeks.

Every day matters with safety. Stop counting the moments hoping tragedy doesn't strike and get the platform you need when your team needs it.

Strong and Durable Safe Access Platforms

Our platforms are built from high quality, industrial strength galvanized steel and aluminum. Using these materials means our platforms are incredibly resistant to rust. There's no welding required so that the metal remains protected.

Our safe access platforms are designed and engineered for superior durability in both indoor and outdoor environments giving you the confidence that they will stand the test of time.

Durable Crossover Access Platform
Conduit Crossover Platform

Safety Platforms That Anyone Can Install

Avoid unnecessary labor cost with our easy to assemble safe access platforms. Our platforms are easy to install so that your maintenance team can get the job done. This means that you don't have to wait on a contractors schedule.

Our platforms can be added on to or adjusted after installation. They grow as your needs grow and all without needing specialized labor or tools.

Custom Safe Platforms When Access is Difficult

Safe access platforms can be expertly configured and adapted to your unique project or work area. Height, length, and other dimensions are customized to allow workers to easily and safely access their work area. Free your team from the hassle and frustration of working around obstructions and tripping hazards, enabling higher productivity and improved efficiency.

When the modular system isn't what you need, we can custom fabricate a safe platform your team needs to get the job done.

HVAC Safe Work Platform


Designed and Tested to
Exceed Industry Standards

Safe access platforms and stairs are engineered to meet or exceed
your local and national regulations.

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.22, 29 CFR 1910.25, 29 CFR 1910.28, and 29 CFR 1910.29

Our Team will Help You
Every Step of the Way



We understand that sometimes you might need someone to review your site and recommend a suitable solution. We are happy to discuss your requirements ensuring that you receive the best solution for the problem you are trying to solve.

Code Expertise


Our engineering team will ensure code compliance and your load requirements to design a platform that works. Technical drawings can be provided to support your custom solution.



Our platforms can come in many shapes and sizes. The important thing is that you get the solution you need without sacrificing on quality or safety. Our team of fall protection and safe access specialists will work with you every step of the way.

Self install


Our platforms are straight forward to install and do not require welding on site, which is why some customers decide to install the units themselves. If, however, you would like us to install the solution for you, we would be happy to assist!

When it Comes to Installation,
You've Got Options

Self install

Self Install

Our stair systems require no special labor or tools to install, making it one of the most cost effective permanent solutions. A small crew can install in a few hours. Simplified can assist your team from a distance with drawings, installation instructions, videos, and even video conferencing. Let us help you have a successful self-installation!


Supervised Installation

Want some expert oversight? We are happy to travel to your site, train your installers, supervise the entire installation, and certify that it was performed correctly. Want only one of those services, no problem. Simplified Safety has your back.

Turn-Key Solutions

Turn Key Installation

If you would rather we handle your project from start to finish, we can take it from here. We will deliver the product to your site, lift it to your roof, comply with your internal safety protocols as well as all other regulations, install the system, and leave you with the peace of mind that your company is protected from unnecessary liability.

Let Us Help You Create A Safer Working Environment

It’s our business, and making people safe is our passion.
You can expect a timely, thorough quote from our team of experts.

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