CoverSafe Spark

CoverSafe Spark Insulated Safety Mat

The CoverSafe Spark, also known as the 240 Mat, is an expandable safety platform that provides a durable walkway or work area ideal for preventing falls through attic openings that could cause injuries or collateral damage. This temporary work platform keeps users safe while performing tasks such as electrical wiring, pest control, HVAC installations, and more. The system is made of composite plastic material, which is fully insulated eliminating the risk of electric shocks caused by hidden electrical wires or faulty outlets.

The insulated safety mat is suitable for maintenance work in attics and roof spaces. Mats lock together to provide optimal cover for your unique working or walking surface.


Oxford Safety attic platform

Durable and Fully Insulated

The CoverSafe Spark is made of a durable, composite plastic material which is electrically insulated. You and your workers are safe from potential electric shocks caused by faulty or broken electrical systems, or old wiring possibly hidden in thermal insulation.

  • Composite material developed from aerospace and formula one racing technology.
  • Light-weight and load tested: Maximum spread load of 330 lb.

Ease of Use and Mobility

The expandable system is compact enough to fit into even the smallest attic hatches. Complete with carrying case and straps for hand tools. Suitable for contractors, the system is incredibly lightweight and can be easily carried around by one person.

  • Compact fit: Navigate through small attic hatches and manholes.
  • Easy-to-carry case: Provides straps for carrying and holding hand tools.
Mobility of the Oxford CoverSafe Spark
Oxford Safety platform installation

Flexibility of Configuration

This system is fully adjustable and expands to cover up to 8 ft. long voids, perfect for a walkway, or it can be used in shorter, wider sections for a working surface. The light-weight platforms can easily connect to make a wider working area or longer walking path. The expandable safety mats are ideal for roof or attic maintenance, pest control, HVAC, or electrical work.

  • Longer walking paths: Connect the mats end-to-end.
  • Wider working areas: Mats can be connected side-by-side.


Hazard Awareness

Safe From Hazards

Provides a fully insulated, non-conductive, temporary platform to avoid the hazards of working in an attic or roof space.



Heavy-duty grip underneath to stay in position on wood, concrete, or flat surfaces.

Expansion packs and kits

Fully Adjustable

Fully adjustable size to fit the dimensions you need — rectangular walkway or square working area.


Peace of Mind

Added Protection - Mats don't fully close so fingers or clothing won't get caught in the system.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Composite material (electrically insulated)
  • Size (open mat): 6.5 ft. (L) x 2.6 ft. (W)
  • Size (closed mat): 3.77 ft. x 1.5 ft.
  • Weight: 17 lb.
  • Carry case included
  • Load tested to a max spread load of 330 lbs. Holds the load of one person only. Not designed to be loaded with building materials.
Pass Inspection


Rigorously Tested in Actual Working Conditions

  • Single Point Load Test Passed a single point load of 198 lb. was applied at the midpoint of the extended 240 GRP mat when supported on 1.96 ft. spaced bearers.
  • Capacity Load Test Passed GRP 240 mat extended to 6.5 ft. and placed over four roof beams set at 2 ft. on center, creating three 1.7 ft.2 bay. Each bay loaded to 337 lb. With load removed no greater residual deflection than .12 in.
  • Drop Test Passed a 110 lb. sandbag drop from a height of 3.9 ft.
  • Small Hard Body Impact Test Passed a 1.1 lb steel ball was dropped from a height of 3.3 ft. onto the bars of the mat. This passed at twice the weight, as the test required .5 lb a steel ball.

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