Non-Penetrating, Permanent Roof Anchor System

Weightanka® Portable Roof Anchor System

Kee® Anchor's Non-Penetrating Fall Protection Roof Anchor Point
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OSHA Compliant Anchor Point
That Won't Damage Your Roof Surface



This weighted anchor system doesn’t puncture your roof preventing leaks from occurring and maintaining your roof warranty.

Code Expertise

OSHA Compliant

OSHA compliant roof anchor point system for one worker in fall arrest or two workers in fall restraint.



Weightanka will last decades, not just years, and is corrosion resistant for longevity in harsh environments.


Portable System

The modular design allows Weightanka to be as versatile and mobile as your safety needs require.

Advantages of Weightanka's
Roof Anchor System

Easy Assembly
Easy Assembly
The installation of the deadweight, portable anchor is quick and easy. No special tools or labor needed. All you need is an allen key and a bar, both are included in the kit. Weightanka can easily be assembled by just one worker. Easily transport the system to another site or leave on the roof for future work.
Supports Multiple Workers
Supports Multiple Workers
Weightanka protects your people. It can be used as an OSHA compliant anchor for one worker in a fall arrest system or two workers in restraint*. This means that it can safely arrest a falling worker, but can also be used to restrain two workers from reaching the edge when properly tethered.
One Purchase, Decades of Use
One Purchase, Decades of Use
The galvanized components ensure our roof anchor point system lasts for decades. The rubber-coated base weights have suction cups keeping the system anchored no matter the weather. Plus, the non-penetrating design keeps your rooftop leak-free and intact.
It is really convenient knowing that we always have a non-penetrating anchor point system ready to be used in the field that can be assembled and disassembled by our own guys, quickly, with minimal maintenance and transportation requirements.
- Sam, Newport Industries

How Does Weightanka Work?

Technical Details on Weightanka Roof Anchor System

  • 4'-6" x 4'-6"
  • To be installed no closer than 10' from an edge
  • Can be used on roofs with up to a 5-degree pitch
  • Designed to be used with lanyards that have a 900 lb maximum arresting force
  • COSHA, Military Code - EM 385 -1, and ASSE z359.1 compliant
  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Over 100 suction cups molded into each rubber bonded weight to maximize grip
  • Fall restraint up to 2 workers providing they cannot get to less than 20 inches from the edge
  • Raised central pedestal reduces the distance of travel during a fall arrest event
Permanent, Non-Penetrating Roof Anchor Point

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