Shipping & Return Policies

  1. Here is what happens when you buy something that you do not receive:

    • We check the order on our end and at the warehouse in order to find out what went wrong.
    • If we discover that we goofed:
      • We will let you know what happened and how we plan to fix it.
      • We will send you what you ordered and did not receive as quickly as possible.
      • We will give you a refund ranging from 20%-100% of the part of the order we messed up. We will try to be fair without putting ourselves out of business. We expect you will be the judge of this in the event (and we plan on making it unlikely) that we mess up your order.
    • If we see in two places (at our end and the warehouse) that it looks like we got your order right, we will call you back for clarification. If you say that you did not get what the warehouse said that it sent, we would like to believe you more than a piece of paper (the guys in the warehouse will not take it personally, they look at too many pieces).
      • Within reason we will try to fulfill the order without putting ourselves out of business.
      • Yes, we recognize that people could take advantage of this. So if in the course of our relationship with someone, we think they are not keeping things simple, we will simplify the relationship and suggest another vendor for their next order.
  2. Here is what can happen when you receive something you did not buy:

    • You could let us know so that we can improve our process. We would like you to keep the extra part or send it back to us at our expense.
    • You could keep the part, making us scratch our heads at the end of the month wondering how parts mysteriously disappeared from inventory.
  3. Here is what happens when you decide within a month of receiving your stuff that you no longer want what you got:

    • You can send it back to us for any reason. After we receive and inspect the parts we can give you:
      • Full store credit for the original purchase.
      • A refund minus a 15% restocking fee.
      • There is an exception on cut pipe. If you order custom cut pipe it cannot be returned.
      • Clothing
        • Clothing must be returned in sellable condition (e.g. not worn on a job site).
    • Shipping for returns will be at your expense. Shipping, especially for larger orders, can be quite expensive. Seeing as we do not own the companies that ship our stuff to you, it is important for us to make good sales. A good sale means that we do not sell you what you are not looking for and that you are asking good questions so that you know what you are getting. If we are both working at this, it is unlikely that you will be returning things you have bought from us.
    • It is important that you contact us before returning your items. We need to supply you with an RMA number so that the warehouse will receive the return.
  4. Here is what happens when you decide after a month of receiving your stuff, or after you have used your stuff, that you do not want it anymore:

    • Give us a call and we will try to work something out.
  5. In the exceptionally unlikely event that you receive something that is broken.

    • (This is very difficult to imagine) then we will follow the same procedures listed above in item number 1.

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