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Horizontal Lifeline
Fall Protection Systems

KeeLine® is an Engineered Horizontal Lifeline for Fall Protection
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Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System Designed
Specifically to Fit Your Working Environment


Continuous Protection

Horizontal lifelines provide continuous protection to the person working near a fall hazard.


Mounting Options

Horizontal lifelines are available in floor-level, side-mount (wall) and overhead mounting options.

Modular and customizable

Flexible Solution

Horizontal lifelines can accommodate corners and varying building shapes.



Designed with durable weather resistant components, our horizontal lifelines will stand the test of time.

Horizontal Lifelines in Use

Metal Rooftops

Metal Rooftops

Elevated Platforms

Elevated Platforms

Working at Height

Working at Height

Crossing Multiple Rooftops

Crossing Multiple Rooftops

Safe Access

Safe Access

What is KeeLine's Horizontal Lifeline System?

KeeLine is a horizontal lifeline that is typically a cable installed parallel to a fall hazard. The engineered lifeline is utilized in fall arrest or fall restraint systems. Properly connecting to a horizontal lifeline with a lanyard and harness enables the user to travel parallel to the fall hazard. The lifeline is usually attached to the structure at set intervals, and can often change direction to follow the profile of the roof edge or other fall hazards. Horizontal lifelines can be attached at foot level when working on a top-level surface, such as a roof, but can also be attached overhead, such as airline hangers and bus depots.


Installation Options for
Horizontal Lifeline System


Supervised Installation

With a supervised installation, we can train your staff or preferred contractor in the installation of the system while overseeing the process and certifying that the installation was handled properly. In other cases, a pre-engineered solution can be used, which would allow your own qualified individual to oversee the installation of the KeeLine® system. In most situations, we will quote the installation and training as a part of the entire system cost.

Turn-Key Solutions

Turn Key Installation

A turnkey installation is perfect when you would rather have us handle the whole project. We will work with you to design a compliant system, then send certified installers to your site that can safely install and train your people on the use of the system.

Ensure Your Rooftop Safety
is Comprehensive

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