ADA Handrail Installed on Gulf of Mexico’s Longest Fishing Pier

Some projects are a real testament to the durability and quality of our ADA handrails.  When Alabama needed to install an ADA handrail on their new State Park Pier they chose to use our ADA fittings to complete the job.  The reasons are simple:

  1. Durability made from galvanized steel, because there is no welding, the risk of rusting is SIGNIFICANTLY decreased.
  2. Simplicity the system is simple to use and can be installed by just about anyone who knows how to use a wrench, a drill and a screw driver. 
  3. Cost Savings when you factor in the savings in labor costs (non-specialized labor) and tall the necessary process of getting a welding permit, our ADA handrails are a clear choice for cost savings. 

Check out the pictures of the project and the video:

ADA Rail on Alabama Gulf State Park Pier

ADA Rail on Alabama Gulf State Park Pier

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