Case Study: Specialized Solutions – Guardrails for Corrosive Environment


Simplified Safety aims at providing more than simple off the shelf products. Our aim is to help assist you with a complete safety solution. Our solutions extend well beyond our normal range of products and processes. One example of this is a project we provided railing for in the winter of 2009.

In this case, the customer came to us with a very specific set of product specifications. These specifications were written in such a way to produce a railing system that was: free standing, resistant to specific chemical corrosion, and cost-effective. Here are some of the core competencies of our team highlighted by this particular project:

Understanding the Needs of our Client

Because of the corrosive environment the guardrail was going to be placed in, the metal properties of the railing was very important. The project could have been built entirely out of stainless steel, but that would have produced a very expensive railing. In understanding ALL of our clients needs we were able to configure a system that would withstand the corrosive effects of the environment and be cost-effective at the same time.

Dan Wampler, the lead Sales Engineer on this project said, Through much conversation with the customer, we were determined to find the right balance of performance and price. We came up with a very unique combination of materials and finishes to provide a long lasting, cost effective solution for the safety and satisfaction of our customer.

Complicated Processes & Delivery

The corrosive effects of this environment required the application of a special paint to the free standing bases. This special paint required unique application, drying, storage and shipping processes. Instead of shirking from the complexity of instituting new processes and working with new vendors, the logistics team set to work to provide the necessary components on time and in the proper condition.

Brian Stickler, who managed the logistics for this project had this to say, We had new metals to integrate, new vendors to contact, and a narrow window to accomplish the customers requests. They came to us because we had a very key part of the system already in production. What they needed, was this component to last in their corrosive environment. This in turn caused us to find more vendors which widen our offerings to all our customers.

Teamwork and Total Quality

At the heart of the Simplified are critical relationships with the right product manufactures. These relationships are built on team work and a view of providing our customers outstanding service in the supplier industry. In this project it was our relationship with Kee Safety that allowed us to provide the right solution at the right time. Mike Mumau, president of Kee Safety Inc., had this to say about our relationship It is through our open partnership with Simplified that we were able to create an effective engineered solution for the customer. All private agendas have to be put aside when a team of people from various companies come together to solve complex issues like the highly corrosive issues we had here at this specific site. I could not have been more proud of the entire tea.

Custom Safety Solutions Come to Us

Whether you are looking for a guardrail, an overhead fall protection support system, or a unique piece of personal protection equipment, start with Simplified Safety as your source for providing custom safety solutions. Call or email our team today with your safety need.

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