ICE - In Case of Emergency - Safety Awareness Program


ICE is a public safety concept focusing on awareness and personal responsibility. ICE can be integrated into your daily routine and employed in the event of natural disasters, terrorist incidents, workplace accidents or medical emergencies. Increased attention to this topic followed the July 2005 London Terrorist Bombings and has since taken on new significance in respect to safety. ICE4SAFETY has been promoting this concept in a variety of forms since that time.

There are 6 basic concept tenants - Preparedness, Prevention, Responsibility, Communication, Awareness and Application. The application is made simple using the publicly available web based information and tools.

The image(s) representing ICE were designed by safety professionals specifically as a public safety tool using safety colors that serve to attract and focus the attention of first responders and emergency personnel to the presence and location of critical emergency information or resources. Some of the more common uses to date include Emergency Info "smart-ICE Applications" for Smartphones and Mobile Devices, Workplace Safety Emergency Action Planning, Personal Preparedness in Vehicles, Home, Travel & Recreation using ICE Cards, ICE Stickers and in Securing of Critical Personal Information.

The versatility of ICE and the tools in constant refinement by ICE4SAFETY allow it to be used in a variety of ways by anyone, virtually anywhere. An internationally recognized and promoted (United Nations) non-language based symbol known as E.123 has been in use on cell phones since May 2008.

Web Based Tools currently available were created with modification by business, public safety organizations and individuals in mind. Sponsorship of community public safety initiatives can be achieved easily using the available formats. The use of ICE on jobsites also adheres with OSHA recommendations (1910 & 1926)that companies and workers maintain emergency medical and contact information in the event of an accident or workplace emergency. Users can download forms and toolkits to be used at no charge and links to the ICE4SAFETY website can be completed using the trademarked ICE image.

Helmet Safety Cards and Stickers along with Medical Emergency Forms make this an almost instant program reality for jobsite safety managers. Tool Box Talks in support of this process are provided free online or you can make your own.
ICE4SAFETY stresses redundancy in application of this concept because the reality is that no one single method of preparation for emergencies can ensure a reasonably high probability of success. Because of this fact, ICE4SAFETY continues to develop more ways to use ICE for the public and private sector and has also allied itself with several other public safety organizations to better spread awareness for personal responsibility for safety and preparedness.

Individuals are able to acquire an ICE KIT for free by sending a SASE to the address listed on the website. The ICE KIT which is currently sponsored by an online merchant, provides users with ICE Stickers for phones, home, work, vehicles and ICE Contact and Medical Cards and self adhering holders so they can be affixed to almost any solid surface like a refrigerator, glove box, helmet, wheelchair etc. or carried wherever you go in your wallet or purse.

You can keep abreast of practical new developments on the website and Blog at the Google Blog at and Twitter at

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