New Canadian Law: Wear Your PPE or Pay $50

Don't wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) and receive a $50 non-compliance ticket from the Yukon Health and Safety Board. Starting July 1, not only will the worker receive a ticket, but also the Supervisor and Employer. Supervisor's ticket is $250 and the employer's is $500.

"We still see far too many workplaces where preventing injuries is not enough," stated Board Director, Kurt Dieckmann, "There is no leeway on this. It is absolute zero tolerance."

Along with the ticket, violating workers and supervisors will be required to take an online PPE course offered through the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Inspectors will be looking for workers not wearing work boots, safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, gloves or other needed PPE.

An employer can avoid a ticket if they can prove 3 things: PPE was provided, employee received training on how to use PPE and was instructed to wear PPE when required. The supervisor may still be ticketed if workers under their control fail to wear appropriate PPE.

It is my opinion that a regulation fining U.S. workers for not following PPE safety rules is an excellent idea. Most employers provide workers with PPE, training and wearing instructions, but workers just won't put their assigned safety gear on. Go to any jobsite and you'll see workers either not wearing PPE or wearing it incorrectly (for example, hard hats worn backward).
This Yukon regulation confirms that employers are doing what is required. The breakdown is at the supervisor/employee level and that is where exactly where the fines should be levied.

This law puts the onus where it belongs--on the worker. Employers have to provide the PPE, this ensures the PPE is worn.

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